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the power of one

The numeral one is the numeric equivalent of unity consciousness. This speaks to the concept that we are all one, we are unified, we are many cells in one larger body, we are all intimately interconnected.

When we are able to come together into groups of more than one and act as one, great power is available to us. The biblical statement attributed to the Master, "Wherever two or more are gathered," speaks to this principle.

Yet it is also true that there is enormous power available to only one of us who is fully connected and aligned to the One in our human experience. The One, the Great Love, is an integral part of everything in the universe. Therefore if we place ourselves into right relations and harmony with the One which is none other than our own Divinity, we are then working with the Power of the One. Inherent in the Power of the One is a kinetic collective energy which includes every single being in the universe.

When we move from this platform of our Divinity we bring the power of the entire universal collective into our actions. Beings we will never see or meet from worlds we will never have the privilege of knowing are with us supporting us through our common Source of Being.

When a group of individuals are aligned and connected to Divinity the potential for action that is aligned with the One expands exponentially. This is due to the increased strength of the harmonic connection with the One. Truly aligned groups are still rather rare in this world but more are beginning to emerge. We have all seen and/or experienced examples of the shadow nature that can emerge within group efforts that are otherwise well-intentioned.

The Power of One must truly be the main focus of any group that seeks to place itself into spiritual service to the planet in any way. The group must learn to resolve its problems as they arise using universal laws such as the Law of Transmutation which is a sub-law of the Law of Vibration. All too often when problems arise the minds of those in the group try to work out the problems. Yet it is those same minds that created the problems.

Rising to a new level of awareness within those minds is required to be able to then access the Power of One and bring it to the task of transmuting the problems with pure vibration. I share with you this quote from my e-book entitled "The Universal Laws of Energy and Consciousness":

Whenever two different energy states or vibrations are brought into contact with each other they exert a mutual influence upon each other. The stronger of these two energy states or vibrations (that which contains the greatest energy potential) will exert a greater influence upon the other weaker energy state.

Vibrations which are harmonic with phi ratios (universal love) have direct access to infinite energy as part of their kinetic potential and will therefore easily entrain (transmute) vibrations which are NOT in harmonic resonance with phi into vibrations that ARE in harmonic resonance with phi.

What this is effectively saying is that if you allow the Power of Universal Love, the One, to come into contact with another energy form it is going to transmute it so that it is no longer intrinsically the same energy. It will take on the nature of Divine Love.

This being the case one wonders why humanity has not used this law to solve all its problems by now. There are many signs that this is becoming more a part of the human experience though so I am hopeful! The biggest problem in this effort is of course the ego that is still serving itself rather than the whole.

Group efforts are small experiments in unity consciousness and in using the Power of One. While many of these efforts have come to meet their demise a few have survived and flourished. I have observed over the years that the group efforts which have good heart connections and mutual relations with each other often go the distance even when they are under-funded and lacking skills or other material and personnel resources. I have also seen many well-funded efforts with a lot of talent available go through dissolution due to a lack of these same inter-personal spiritual dynamics.

Ultimately everyone in any group effort needs to take 100% responsibility for everything they experience. This is also true for all of us all of the time if we truly wish to shift into an experience of our True Self, our Divinity. We must never hold others accountable for how we have experienced their words or actions. We can hold them accountable for their actions if it is warranted and we are guided to do so, but our feelings, thoughts and responses are entirely our own responsibility.

We may have a knee jerk reaction to something, but we do not have to continue to perpetuate that reaction beyond the moment in which it occurred. We can recoup our higher field of awareness and get back into the big picture and intervene in that reaction and turn it around. Breathing gently and rhythmically in and out through the heart chakra is a very powerful tool for this. I call it "Heart Breathing" but it is based on a lot of science which I was exposed to when I was trained and certified in such techniques by the Institute of HeartMath some years ago.

I currently use this Heart Breathing as either a precursor or an adjunct to every other spiritual process I engage in. This technique has been scientifically proven to shift the biological hormonal balance in your body which in turn takes you in the direction of love, compassion, caring and higher fields of awareness. This is also the most powerful and safest means of balancing and aligning all of the chakras simultaneously. It does not use any psychic manipulations of your energy system, all of which are subject to the limitations of the mind that is manipulating them.

Rather, this technique utilizes the enormous power of your heart to bring everything into balance. The heart has a 5,000 to 1 advantage over our head brain in terms of electromagnetic power which has been scientifically measured in a laboratory setting repeatedly by various researchers. When something that powerful becomes harmonized within your body it causes everything else in the body including our brain and our entire energy system to become entrained to that same harmony.

Therefore Heart Breathing or the Heart Breath is the first and most crucial step in any endeavor to align ourselves with the Power of One. The second critical step is to have tools to assist us in taking 100% responsibility for everything we experience. The most powerful tools I have found for this work with a process of Divine Transmutation in conjunction with unity consciousness. The most well known of these that I am aware of is called Self-Identity Ho'oponono. This was developed by a fairly well known Hawaiian Kahuna woman Morrnah Simeona back in the 1980's. It has been carried forth into the world by a host of others, most notably Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len who trained directly under Morrnah.

This process is as simple as it gets, but I can attest to its power. There are four steps to this process.

1) I love you (connecting to Divinity)

2) I am sorry (self-responsibility operating within unity awareness)

3) Please forgive me (Divine Transmutation)

4) Thank you (gratitude).

The fundamental operative unity concept here is that any problem you experience or witness is to be found inside of you, not someplace else. We are after all many cells in one body. Therefore each cell has what exists in any of the other cells within itself via its symbiotic inter-relatedness with those other cells that are part of its larger organism.

Another way of explaining this is found in quantum physics which tells us that the observer is an integral part of what is being observed and may in fact be the entire reason why it is being observed in the first place. If we apply this to inter-personal human dynamics it sheds a bit of a new light on such matters. It truly puts an end to the myth of "our stuff - their stuff."

In using this four step process we are expressing our love for Divinity, making that connection more solidly in our being. Then we move into unity consciousness and recognize that everything we can possibly perceive to be a problem is in fact within our own consciousness or we would not be able to perceive it in the first place. From this place of awareness we then see that the good news is if it is inside of us then we can actually do something about it. We therefore acknowledge that there is something going on within our own being that is contributing to such problems.

From here we move into asking to be forgiven for such things going on inside us. We do not actually have to know what the causative factors are either, all we need to know is that we have perceived a problem to exist someplace and that this is a reflection to us of something we are integrally a part of. I like to use the following statement in this forgiveness step: "please forgive me and transmute, erase and replace these things whatever they may be with infinite love and grace."

The last step is expressing our gratitude. This is also a statement of trust and faith that what we have requested of Divinity is in fact happening. It closes the circuit between Divinity and our conscious awareness. I have seen golden showers of manna-like light forms rain down into my aura at the end with my expressions of gratitude.

To use this tool effectively requires that you use it a LOT to do what Dr. Hew Len calls "cleaning." When we clean frequently all day long it begins to break the projection, judgment and blame cycles and places us squarely within the Power of One, our own Divinity, True Self where we are 100% responsible. We can only change to the degree that we are willing to be responsible. If we wish to make 100% change -- which is required for ascension -- it requires 100% responsibility.

To the degree that we can accomplish this we can operate from Divine Inspiration rather than old memories and thoughts controlling our life experience. This is when we start to experience what Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len calls "The Peace of I." This is the peace that you experience when you reside more fully in who you truly are, pure Divinity.

by Simeon Chiron Nartoomid

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