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a blessed earth day and some announcements

Aloha everyone, a most blessed Earth Day to you all.

a brief ode to gaia

May our sacred Earth and her lovely Spirit, Gaia, be cherished in the hearts of all beings who are her children everywhere. May she be cared for tenderly with love immeasurable. May we all come to recognize our oneness and unity with all of her beautiful and wonderous natural manifestations. May we reside in peace in her arms always. And so it is. (by Simeon Chiron Nartoomid)

some announcements and reminders:

The "Opening the Lotus of Inner Peace" Tele-Gathering and Light Body Meditation with Simeon facilitating is this coming Sunday the 26th, only a few days left to join us!

I was working with this energy today in preparation for the event and it is quite amazing what is coming through for this. It is an excellent preparation for the upcoming Wesak/Shambhala energetics also in conjunction this year with the very powerful Galactic Rebirth point taking place simultaneously as we cross the midpoint of the 6th Day of the Galactic Underworld in the Mayan long count calendar.

Read more and/or join this upcoming "Opening the Lotus of Inner Peace" Tele-Gathering

If you are being guided to participate in the April 26th Tele- Gathering and you do not have the minimum donation of $11.11 (actual value $33.33) being requested please contact Simeon.


Our friend Rowena Patee Kryder is holding a local workshop entitled "Surrendering to Source: Realizing Inner and Outer are One" in Edgewood, New Mexico on July 12-18, 2009.

A PDF with more info on this event is available here


Our friend Barry Dunford in Scotland is holding a local workshop with Sheila Carlett entitled "Walking the Sacred Path of Shambhala" on May 9-10 in the central highlands of Scotland.

More info available online for this event here.