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strallilium pure gem body tele-activation

This Tele-Initiation was held back on May 10th, 2009 but you may still participate in its very powerful energy as an MP3 audio in our 44:44 Ascension Portal's special media section.

I have received feedback from people listening to the MP3's of these events and they are getting almost as much out of listening to them as the original participants in the live event have reported! Additionally, the recording quality is much better than usual conference call recordings due to the way it was recorded through a computer on our end versus using the conference call company's recording feature. The background music on the long meditations comes through quite well, almost as though it was mixed.

In this Pure Gem Activation, near the end of the long meditation at the end of the event we were each given opportunity for receiving a vision of a place in the New Earth Star ascended reality that would be an activaional trigger for continuing to work with the Strallilium Light Radials to further our Pure Gem Body activations in the future as we go forward. The Gileihad (Cosmic Order of the Swan Grail) have indicated to me that this assistance will also be offered to anyone who engages this activation through the MP3 recording "after the fact" as well.

Here is some feedback I received on the Strallilium Pure Gem Body Activation:

Thank you again for this beautiful work that you are doing, I am full of happiness and gratitude for being given this opportunity to anticipate in this activation. I also am glad that when I love (others) they also get activated. In reality it is so easy when you look at life like this. . . Also I wanted to share with you what happened to me during the activation. . . when the star constellation of the swan formed the beams of light came into my 13 seals and activated them. . . I also at the end saw a crystal castle with an OM symbol on it and in the middle of the castle was a blue turquoise ball of light. . .I am soooooooo looking forward to your next sharing event. I love you my brother and I am full of gratefulness toward you and Maia for the great work that you both do with such unconditional love, many blessings and streams of love and light. ~ Leanne Carroll of Spirit Heart Tours, Eagle Heights, Australia

Yowie! That was only the 2nd time in my 62 years here that I felt like I was in the energy of 'my people' when they spoke to us at the end of the BIG Meditation. Thank you sooooooooooo much. ~ Che'usa Sienna Wend, California, USA

My vision of our New Earth Star (location) was more like a memory of recognition - but it had to be pulled from me in a way - I saw a building that appeared to be made of golden sand in the style of a small, elegant french chalet. Golden rays were haloing it. Here is where the pulling came in - I knew that the building was not the key for me - so I brought my attention lower - as the dwelling was upon a hill - and found my comfort place - a deep primordial chasm filled with amazingly lush fragrant ferns and mosses with a waterfall and a cave of the deepest, most secure, and loving embrace of Gaia. I felt so much comfort in the depths - very regenerating for me. I look forward to our future time together. ~ Jody R, New Jersey, USA.

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