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sneak preview of vol. 02, 2009 numis'om ~ eye of metatron e-zine

A quick peek at my (Maia Christianne Mallika) upcoming articles appears below:

1) The Hieroaten: The Hieroaten is a manifested portal / complex through which receptive humans in this current Earth time are entering in Dreamtime to receive guidance and preparation for their "next step"into the first stage of the New Earth Star - Numis'OM. . .

2) The Seven Crystalline Frequencies: According to my akashic insight and ThothHorRa's teachings there are seven crystalline frequency streams in the current human DNA. These 'Seven' are composed of millions of variations of crystalline strands being woven together. The 'Seven' can be equated to actual crystals on our current planet at this time. As the vibration of our Earth becomes more defined within the New Earth Star Hologram, so the highest level of crystal definition will change, as new crystals migrate to the surface of the planet and are 'discovered,' and more known crystals become more highly charged with the 'Phi' activation. . .

3) The Ascension Mountains: all mountains of this planet or any planet emit massive hyper-electromagnetic (HYPE) charges, creating inter- connecting fields around them. Thus mountains are the generators of HYPE on the exterior Earth (meaning not the "inner Earth"). Hyper- electromagnetic charge / fields are operating at a lower pulse frequency that can be detected by current scientists.

4) The Time Counter: . . .the Brigatata was built by Merlin (Arthur's Merlin - as like "Thoth" this is a title and their were several). Yet he built it in his younger years before the 'Arthur" period. (Merlin lived 300 years). When I say he "built" it I do mean that, as it was created through his ability to re-form matter, as is accomplished in the New Earth Star realms. The purpose of this structure was to "count" the timeline of Earth, like the Mayan Calendar.

5) Heart Speak with ThothHorRa: addresses questions from "who are the guardians of Lake Titicaca" to "birth" in the New Earth.