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special announcement

I (Simeon) will keep this brief for the moment, but more of this story and request for assistance will be made available here fairly soon. I have been working to help a member of the Spirit Mythos / Spirit Heart Sanctuary global community in the Philippines who originally came to me seeking gratis spiritual assistance about 5-6 weeks ago. Her name is Maria Cecilia Padilla and she is a beautiful being as are all of you.

In my efforts to help Maria spiritually I slowly learned of her circumstances. She has been skipping meals and and many times could only eat a meal herself every third day or so because she could not afford to feed her baby and herself. She was getting weaker and sicker and was desperate. As many of you are aware we have been dealing with financial limitations and challenges here ourselves since late last year as well.

Nonetheless I was guided to help Maria in any way I could. She had no PayPal account and no bank account and no money to open either. Her husband and her both are intelligent educated people fluent in English and he works in a university but makes very little take home pay.

I have been working with Maria and Spirit Heart Sanctuary donated her some quick relief funds to help stave off ther most immediate crisis. I have also now helped her to get her PayPal account setup and she has developed a plan to raise tilapia fish in tanks and to grow vegetables in a permaculture arrangement on her rooftop to help her feed her family and then turn it into a profitable business to help pay her other expenses as well. She is very embarassed about having to ask for help so we have worked with that as well.

To give you an idea of what she is faced with, she was trying to take a temporary job to help herself and her family in some way. She would have had to work full time 5 days a week for $160 a MONTH and then she would have $100-$120 a month in public transportation expenses to get to work and another $30 per month expense for food given in exchange to a relative who would be watching her children all day. So she would have to work 160 hours a month for what amounts to about $10-30 a month usable pay./

There is much more to share regarding this story, and we will soon have Maria's request for assistance put together properly and posted on places like  Wishadoo   (highly recommended) and .

Meanwhile, if anyone on this list is able and feels guided to help Maria get through her current crisis by sending her some relief funds at her PayPal account email address it would be greatly appreciated by her and us.

Maria's PayPal email address is: mcpp2002 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Thank you for your kind considerations.