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several announcements

1) I (Simeon) just created an index page for all the monthly Divine Alignments that I have written since their inception back in mid 2006.

2) If you had a problem with the MP3 audio popup window in the latest issue of Numis'OM while using the Internet Explorer (IE) browser, that problem has now been fixed.

You may, however, need to clear your browser's cache to update the page first before it will work. Instructions on how to do that for several different browsers can be found here.

3) We are in the process of moving towards changing Numis'OM subscriptions to more inclusive Spirit Heart Sanctuary / Spirit Mythos subscriptions and they will include the Numis'OM publication as they do now. We will thus soon start offering more content and more frequently within the subsciber area. We would appreciate hearing from you about the type of things you would like to see offered there.

4) Thanks to a Spirit Mythos community member, Jewel, I had the good fortune of connecting with a message from Karen Bishop this morning that truly hits the mark right now. It speaks to the re-birth process we are going through collectively and how we are in a waiting mode until this Summer Solstice. I personally believe there are more dynamics involved than the Summer Solstice timing such as the Mayan Calendar harmonics etc, but I have been feeling for several months there will be a turning point at Summer Solstice 2009 and that is what this article speaks to directly. Its a very good read right now especially:

5) I wish to personally thank everyone who helped Maria Cecilia Padilla recently. It has allowed her a bit of breathing room while we are attempting to help her get what she needs to start her permaculture operation to help feed her family and produce some additional income as a means to economic self-sufficiency. I feel this will be somewhat of a pilot project of sorts for helping people in her area of the world and Maria will be able to take it out to others when she has succeeded. This is the new paradigm way, yes?

Maria right now keeps telling me she is very concerned that she does not have the money to place her eldest daughter in school for the year which starts here shortly. A friend who has lived there told me in the Philippines they actually have a decent school system but it costs the citizen-students for tuition and supplies. In a sense, making sure her daughter has a good education is also part of Maria's own longer term self-sufficiency program. Being able to feed her family is of course her main concern, but this weighs heavily on her at the moment.

She states that she needs $450 tuition to enroll her daughter in school for the coming year so she will not miss a year of schooling and have to make it up later. If there is anyone who can help sponsor her daughter in her schooling Maria would be very grateful. I also share you with you below Maria's own words of gratitude for the recent support she received from some people on this list:

...I am really humbled. Honestly, the donations are sacred for me. The energy it emits is not the ordinary kind. And I deeply appreciate it. It gives me courage to pursue my goal and make sure I succeed not just for my sake but for others too.

If you are willing and able you can help Maria by sending your donations to her via PayPal using her email address as follows:

mcpp2002 (at) yahoo (dot) com

6) More energy is now starting to come in around the upcoming work with the New Earth Toroidal Temple. This work is being brought forth at this time by the Merkabah of the Host under the greater Mandate of Metatron as a furtherance of the work I have been doing with the new tele-events starting with the Platinum Grail Initiation, then the Opening the Lotus of Inner Peace, and most recently the Strallilium Pure Gem Body Activation. These all fit into a vibrational pattern of sorts that is still being revealed to me consciously but it can be felt very strongly. I am also feeling that this series is very pertinent to what we are headed into that Karen Bishop speaks of at Summer Solstice.

Previous information and registration on the New Earth Toroidal Temple tele-event taking place on June 7th.

The first 9 people to register at the actual stated value of the tele-event ($44.44) on the sliding fee scale will be given a free gift of any single item they choose from our diverse selection of e-products in the Spirit Store. This includes e-Art, e-publications, MP3 media and screensavers. You may wish to browse our selection.