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sacred names of god tree of life meditation

As part of the further development of our Spirit Heart Sanctuary / Spirit Mythos programs that I (Simeon) recently mentioned I am now offering a series of ongoing meditations in MP3 audio. I have just completed the first of these meditations and it is called the "Sacred Names of God on the Tree of Life Meditation."

This simple meditation takes you through the descending lightning path upon the Tree of Life starting at the top or Kether and then heads down into Malkuth at the bottom of the tree. I use the esoteric sacred Hebrew names for the deity of each Sephira and its unique quality and color as taught in some esoteric schools. This is a devotional or bhakti type meditation the way I am facilitating it and it is meant to arouse a deep devotional love connection with these different facets of Divinity within you.

All subscribers can listen this 16 minute meditation for FREE (requires subscriber login).

Non-subscribers can access this meditation by purchasing the MP3 in our Spirit Store.


This new series of MP3 meditations is the start of an expansion of our Subscriber Portal that all subscribers will enjoy as part of their subscriptions. Subscribers have access also to our Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron e-zine as well and that includes all back issues in the archives as well.

Our information online is still referring to our subscriptions as Numis'OM subscriptions but they are now really Spirit Heart Sanctuary / Spirit Mythos subscriptions and will be including much more as we move forward. I hope to have our online information updated to reflect these changes shortly.

We also have a newly revised Subscriber Portal page. If you login as usual to the Spirit Mythos Subscriber Portal page you will see a link for "Subscriber Special Media Features" and clicking that link will take you to an index page of all the subscriber special media features where this meditation is listed under the "Streaming Audio by Simeon" section.

You will also find an easily accessible list of all the special image galleries and flash movies that have been a part of Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron since its inception so you can more easily access just those features without having to scroll through previous volumes of Numis'OM to find them.