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mp3 of new earth toroidal temple transmission available

There is a nice MP3 now available in our Spirit Store of the New Earth Toroidal Temple Transmission that was facilitated in the tele-event last Sunday, June 7th.

You can purchase it in the Spirit Store here.

The energy of the Full Moon Antares Gateway we worked through was very powerful and some interesting things occurred that caused me (Simeon) to have to re-record the first part of this. As a result in this MP3 there are no participants talking, all of that portion either was never recorded or was of poor quality and had to be edited out. So this is a bit more like a studio recording, but a Metatronic one!

I am still assimilating this energy and what occurred, yet it is clear that a new road map into the future has indeed been imprinted within my cellular consciousness and DNA. The way I feel after this event is amazing, and the "stop sign" energy where everything was on hold, as spoken of in Karen Bishop's article that I provided a link to recently, seems to have come to an end. Its an amazing shift.

I will relate to you what occurred because it is an amazing thing to me. The software I used with Skype for the recording of the call, which I have used on all the other tele-events and which worked perfectly and predictably, decided Sunday that whenever I toggled the conference call into Presentation mode where the participants were muted, it would mute my mic as well!

I was divinely "mute-ated" in other words (smiles)!

This has never happened before, and as a result I did not spot the fact that my mic had been muted. I talked for about 40-45 minutes and when I brought everyone else back into the call was when I discovered that nobody had heard a word I said the whole time, they were listening to dead silence and a few "phone noises". Many had left not understanding what had occurred. Amazingly, however there were still some people on the line who had stayed there the whole time. I had a number of people tell me they were experiencing strong energy and were meditating and that they knew they had "gotten" the first transmission anyway. Wow, what cosmic troopers!

Like I said, I am still contemplating this occurrence and insights are still coming to me about it. One of these insights is that this was an energy that was about the unity and equality of all beings beyond individuality in the end, and as such I was muted along with everyone else, we were truly as one!

Another insight was that this energy, which was coming out of the Omega point of the New Earth Star as a very "far-future-memory," effected a 180 degree phase shift in the consciousness field we were operating within. As this energy shifted phases everything was "reversed" causing the muting on both sides.

The more mundane insight I received is that I need to always check my mic mute checkbox from here on out! So, things were as always happening on many levels of reality indeed. Yet, it is also a testament to how the most mundane of things and occurrences can serve as a host to the most cosmic and divinely ordained things.

One thing I have been told for sure by the Merkabah of the Host, is that EVERYONE who engaged (or will engage) this energy directly was/is able to imprint their DNA with a new road map which is like a far-reference point that has been missing or subtly present but lost in the noise so to speak. As such, that roadmap is also present for the whole collective more powerfully now as well.

We are stepping out of the old Programs of Light on this Earth, and simultaneously we are stepping into the New Earth Programs of Light. We sort of have one foot in each world, yet we have not been able to take the next step and move fully into the new world yet. With this new reference point activated within the DNA we will have a better sense of where we are headed from here on out.

Deep sighs of gratitude...

Access the MP3 of this transmission in the Spirit Store.

If you were a registered participant you received another email with a special access to the MP3, use that instead.