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divinity star solstice transmission

I had been expecting to do a tele-transmission for Summer Solstice but the guidance for it simply has not been forthcoming. The middle of this week, however, I started receiving inspirations and insights that the whole series of tele-events I have done recently starting with "A Drink From the Platinum Grail Tele-Initiation" (4/5) and then proceeding through the "Opening the Lotus of Inner Peace Tele-Gathering)" (4/26), the "Strallilium Pure Gem Body Tele-Activation" (5/10) and finally the "New Earth Toroidal Temple Tele-Transmission" (6/7), have in fact been a coordinated series of energetic transmissions each designed to build upon the matrix set by the others previous to it as part of the whole Galactic Re-birthing process we are currently engaged with as a collective consciousness.

I realized all along of course that everything we do builds upon what went before. I did not have the awareness, however, that these individual tele-events were each part of a cosmic mini-series being orchestrated from a higher level for a unified specific purpose until this week.

What I am being guided to facilitate now for Summer Solstice is the first "Divinity Star Transmission." This will NOT be a tele-transmission but it is an opening portal into the Divinity Star Transmissions work of the future I am being guided to pursue. This transmission is occurring through a global link-up on the subtle planes of reality only.

The time for linking into this transmission is 4:44PM local time on June 21st.

If you are not able to coordinate at this exact time simply coordinate when you can and create the intention that Spirit will oversee the synchronization of all energies and make all adjustments and so it is.

the procedure

The global link procedure is very simple. Simply acknowledge and intend that you are entering into the next octave of the work that has been ongoing on Earth relative to the Galactic Re-birth of consciousness and be present with your highest vision of what that means. In the very beginning of your meditation, ASK inwardly specifically for YOUR attunement symbol and it will be given to you. Go with the first impression.

Once you have that symbol in mind, start breathing its energy slowly and rhythmically in and out through your heart chakra and let it open you up to the journey your soul has planned for you in this evolutionary movement of consciousness. Stay with it for as long as you are guided to.

I am being told to not be concerned about which inner planes agencies or beings will be facilitating this, there will be many and your main coordinator is Divine Self, your I AM Presence. If some beings appear to you go with what is offered as you are guided from within. Otherwise just relax and as always go with the flow. That is it. I welcome you to share your experiences with me and I will share as many of them as I can with this list.

Much of what we do here is not even visible to the public, yet it takes much time, effort and energy to facilitate. If you find spiritual benefit here within this Station of Light and its global community, please consider making a donation to help support the work of planetary transformation and ascension we are facilitating.

Also, mahalo nui loa (thank you very much) to those of you who have and do continue to support this organization in various ways.

Simeon Chiron Nartoomid