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galactic re-prioritization

All of last week on through the Solstice weekend seemed to me to be really removed from space-time. As the weekend approached it became even moreso and I found it difficult to do the usual things it takes to get through life each day in a physical body!

This energy was a huge "pull back" on outer levels to allow things to adjust at deeper levels of being. The energy has been largely this way for some time now as many people are experiencing, but this last weekend I was definitely below the event horizon of the "black hole" anchoring the NES Toroidal Temple. I was thus much more fully within that New Earth reality than I have ever experienced before outside of special meditations or processes. In fact, it seems that the deep states we achieved in the recent tele-event meditations were being brought forth to be experienced in the regular flow of life.

If I was to sum up the energy of what occurred this weekend in a simple way I would say "Galactic Re-prioritization." In other words, our inner priorities underwent a major shift and recalibration to align better with the Galactic Programs of Light now becoming the predominant evolutionary manifestation on Earth!

I had a couple of people share with me their experiences of the Solstice energies during our Solstice Divinity Star Transmission global link on the 21st. The following is from Leanne Carroll in Australia of SpiritHeart Tours:

... First I was over whelmed with gratitude, I had a lot of pressure in my head then I was taken into what seemed to be a wheel of some sort, it felt like it was the final stage of the wheel being formed. It felt like a celebration, I was taken to the angelic kingdom where there was much celebration, singing, the love was incredible, then I saw the wheel again and in the wheel was a big ball of white light where we all had our hands on the ball of light, absorbing the light into our beings, it was incredible! I feel that this was a completion of all of the other initiations ...

What Leanne relates seems to me to very much correlate with what I was feeling regarding the Galactic Re-prioritization in that the wheel can be seen to be symbolic of the new Galactic Programs of Light taking precedent and we are having to prioritize going to that wheel, receiving what it has to offer, and celebrating with the celestials at this new movement of awareness and love entering into our world experience!

And this came in from our friend Tone Gherson in California:

... WOW the DOWNLOADS last night, eh? ...I have never felt anything so very powerful in my/this lifetime... thus far anyway...

By the way, Tone makes these wonderful little medicine bags. If you would like one you can contact her at "spirittone (at) msn (dot) com" and ask to see some pics of her creations which she can send you by email.

Where do we go from here? It seems that the inner landscape has shifted enormously. What is coming through very strongly for me is that we have truly entered a new world while we are yet in the midst of the old one. Our challenge is now to stay balanced and allow Spirit to guide us and to follow that guidance implicitly and not question it.

We have a new holographic matrix in place to support us in listening to Spirit more than ever before too. Yet, it is also important for us to have that touch of realism present as well. None of us are  operating at states of perfection that allow us to operate without any misinterpretation. The energy we receive in guidance from Spirit is always correct, pure and of the highest. It is our own interpretations of that energy and guidance that at times can lead us in directions that are somewhat circuitous.

Yet, even then, the Great Love uses that circumstance to continue reaching out and guiding us in various ways. Some of these ways we may view as negative or as adversities. Yet these are always God-Spirit-Source meeting us on our own ground to love us back into the experience of the wholeness that we are in truth. This is perhaps the most important re-calibration we can make; to no longer relate to anything life brings our way as being negative, to truly come to feel deeply inside ourselves that it is the Great Love there with us in that moment, in EVERY moment, and that we are never forgotten or abandoned, NEVER.

Time to celebrate a new level of our Oneness with Spirit and each other, I love you all...

by Simeon Chiron Nartoomid