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out of metatron's cosmic slingshot

The cosmic energy the last few days has been exactly like being launched out of Metatron's Cosmic Slingshot in my experience. I have some clear indications the same is happening for many others as well!

I have felt like I was in somewhat of a holding pattern, being taken deep, deep down within since the double lunar eclipse of late January and early February. I now have this sense of a new thread having been woven into the fabric my Metatronic Light Body. Its a new thread of unity. Many threads of course have preceded this one and many more will follow.

Yet, this most recent thread that has been woven is like the one golden thread that shines more brightly than the others thus far. Its that type of thread you see woven into some garments where it keeps glittering and catching your eye above all the others.

It is none other than the thread of unity consciousness that is being woven into the very fabric of our collective beingness. Everything we are witnessing in our world right now is attendant to that movement. Thus we are being called in many ways to rise to new levels of awareness, compassion, love and action. As a recent message from James Twyman intimated, "don't close your eyes."

In other words, its time to be strong enough in our love essence to watch such things as the violence in Iran or Iraq in the media and not feel pulled down in frequency by it, but rather to use that energetic connection through the media as a conduit for transmutation. I have been doing this for about 12 years after a 15 year previous hiatus from television altogether. If you send energy to such situations, its also time to become aware that LOVE is what we must send, and it needs to be sent to ALL participants on all sides of these situations equally. They are assuming different roles on the world stage and all are equally enmeshed into the fabric of duality.

Efforts to help those who assume roles on the side which gets crushed and marginalized are very important, yet they need to be accompanied by equal quantities of love for the side that does the harm. This is the ONLY energy and level of consciousness that can transmute such situations.

If we send only light, then we risk deepening the polarizations because light is only one half the equation. Light is yang energy, darkness is yin energy. Forget about the common mythological and religious interpretations of light and dark that have been with us for ages. Its time for us to step up into pure universal awareness. I am speaking here strictly of meta-science and universal laws and principles. All of what has been effective and which is called "Light Work" is actually love work. All of which has been ineffective and which has been called "Light Work" is light work! When such work is ineffective it can always be traced to the fact that love was not present enough and in a BALANCED WAY and thus the polarizations were not being properly addressed, and perhaps even accentuated.

Both light and dark, yang and yin, come out of the greater field of LOVE. The cosmological "sequencing" goes like this: The TOTALITY (total awareness) > PURE LOVE (love as a state of being) > YANG/YIN (light/dark) > MANIFEST REALITY.

You can see this represented nicely in the Chinese symbol for Yang/Yin energy called the "Taijitu" as appears on the left. You have the circle (love) which holds both the light (yang) and dark (yin) and in each of the fields of light and dark appears a small circle of the opposite color denoting the truth that both are integrally part of one another and cannot be separated. The Taijitu is thus a wonderful symbol to use for focalizing upon healing such world situations and anything else.

As we come roaring out of the Cosmic Slingshot on the yang pulse of light being released here during the second half of the 6th Day of the Galactic Underworld in the Mayan long count calendar its vitally important to stay in balance with our yin nature, the feminine aspect of our being. When we enter the 6th Night of the Galactic Underworld on November 7th the focus will shift into an opposite phase relationship. More on that then...