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maia's july specials and discontinued services

I (Maia) have decided to eliminate some of my services and to offer a discount on them through July 31st before they are dropped altogether.  

these services are:

The Twining Flames Medallions which are the same as my Merkabah Logos, only for couples... they radiate the energy of the TWO as ONE.

My Twining Flames Medallions were $175.00 are now $100.00.

The Shambhala Medallions which represent the portal of the Shambhala energies in you!

My Shambhala Medallions were $77.77 and are now $60.00.

The New Earth Star Akashic Portraits where an aspect of your New Earth Star being is revealed in the portrait.

My New Earth Star Akashic Portraits were $555.00 and are now $200.00.

As of August 1st ALL of the three above listed services will be discontinued and thus no longer will be available. If you would like to take advantage of any of these specials before these services are dropped and making payments would be helpful to you, please let me know.

In the HEART LIGHT of the ONE,
Maia Christianne Mallika