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inter-dimensional healing article in 44:44 ascension portal

A lot of changes going on here and I (Maia) feel very good about it. Some wonderful forward momentum!

My Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron quarterly ezine will now be issued article-by-article about every two weeks.

This will also include some MP3 audio presentations and other offerings for our 44:44 Ascension Portal subscribers. This will provide a more steady stream of energy and information instead of having to wait for months for each volume to come out.

The first infusion of this new streaming of energy and information is my article on Inter-Dimensional Healing (requires subscriber login). This also has a new piece of my art (see at bottom of page) which you can right-click on and either download or use as your Desktop Wallpaper.

I will also still be accepting questions for THR (ThothHorRa) which you can send to me directly by using my web contact page. These will get answered and then presented to all subscribers of the 44:44 Ascension Portal in an Q&A article type format just as they were previously in the Numis'OM ezine.

I feel this new more free-flowing format will offer subscribers a more on-going connection to this source and what is moving through it on a more immediate basis. It also feels more natural for me to work this way as well!

Thus the previous streaming for the new Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron ezine will now be sent through the 44:44 Ascension Portal and there will be more content provided than previously because Simeon will as well be contributing content.

Any comments and feedback on this new approach will be appreciated!

Read my article: Inter-Dimensional Healing (requires subscriber login)

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I AM the Peace of I ~ Maia Christianne Mallika