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July 2009 Divine Alignment

Love is a many-faceted energy,

Expressing temporally within a myriad diverse states of awareness.

Some states of awareness do not allow love its full expression.

Love expressing through very limited states of awareness has been called many negative things...

Yet, it is love all the same.

The nature of love is to embrace, and as such, love embraces limited states of awareness and everything within them too.

Love starts within these limited states of awareness as a very dim point of energy movement, then naturally begins to expand the state of awareness it finds itself within over time.

Within this universal understanding is found the root of all hope.

You can never be separate from love, it is always there, waiting for you, ALWAYS.

Love is opportunistic, it will literally wait an eternity to make one movement of expansion, to take advantage of an opportunity we have made for it to move in the direction of its full and true nature.

All we need do is give it a chance; be patient, be still, let it in more fully to expand our state of awareness.

As our awareness expands, love is increasingly able to reveal its fullness within us.

In the end, it is revealed as the Great Beauty we have been waiting to behold, and we become living examples of that exquisite beauty.

Does anything else really matter?

by Simeon Chiron Nartoomid