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the mem-star merkabah

I (Maia) have a new article in the 44:44 Ascension Portal entitled The Mem-Star Merkabah - Menumite Crystals and Universal Membranes.

Here is an excerpt from my new article:

"...According to THR and my akashic insights there are an infinite number of dimensions, but the "11" fits the pattern of one level of "nesting" mem-star merkabahs (MSM). MSM are conglomerates of memunite crystalline particles which are drawn together through a type of gravity as yet undiscovered which I will call here "wave-form gravity" as it oscillates like a current across the skin of the universal membranes, causing those membrane skins themselves to move in wave-like patterns..."

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I was also amazed by the date given of this upcoming solar eclipse on July 21-22nd this is an especially powerful one according to Shamanic Astrologer Daniel Giamario. The date that I received for the Cosmic Event of 2012 is July 23rd, which actually begins it's trajectory on July 23d of THIS year... the day AFTER this solar eclipse.

An extract from my "A Cosmic Event, 2012, Part 1:

I was shown that there had been two nova events in the cosmos, each in other galaxies far apart from one another. When a nova of a star occurs in addition to the power of the light moving out from the exploding star into space, there is a very low frequency of sound. This sound is different from ordinary sound in that it is created at the neutronic level and travels faster than light - much faster. I will call this the "neutro low frequency sound" or NLFS.

ThothHorRa relayed to me that the NLFS of these two different stars in galaxies almost opposite in our night sky from one another will collide on July 23 of this year - 2009. They will then merge their NLFS waves and travel a new trajectory toward our galaxy and Earth...

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I requested further insight on this from ThothHorRa and received:

The power of this July's solar eclipse acts as a magnate for the re-calibration of the trajectory of the combined NLFS, effectively guiding it to the Earth's solar system and into the core of the planet. Obviously it is not a continual guidance system...just one burst or event, but it serves to signal the re-calibration of the trajectory.

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There is another related page I recently placed on the Spirit Mythos site concerning a mysterious lump of glass now in my possession, which my akashic insight reveals to me is of extra-terrestrial origin and which I am calling the Chimurya Star Glass.

All of the above seem to point to major changes in the micro-levels of our very existence. They are rapidly occurring even though for the most part we are oblivious to them. SOON the world will wake up one morning to a new state of BEING and not really understand how they got there or the nature of their "new condition." It will then be up to them to re-learn how to operate in this world!

I AM the PEACE of I ~ Maia Christianne Mallika