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the cosmic void of pure potential

As most people I know are aware of, we have been in a major Cosmic Void of sorts since about late January. The timing and specifics as to how each person has been experiencing this vary greatly. This is because each person's unique incarnational sheathing woven by their Essential-Self for a specific purpose will operate differently within the larger context of planetary, galactic and cosmic harmonics. However, there are some common elements people seem to be experiencing.

One of these common elements is a sense of everything sort of standing still. Some people feel like they are waiting for something big to happen before the next phase of their personal life unfolds. Others have plenty of activity going on in their lives with new things happening, but they have a deeper sense that they are just staying occupied with worthwhile things until larger things unfold that draw them into the next phase as well.

Another common element which many people are experiencing is a lack of energy, being more tired than usual, and for some this has brought underlying physical weaknesses and health issues to the surface to be dealt with as well. Yet, others are not consciously experiencing the Cosmic Void at all, they are beings who bring stability to the collective consciousness in this transition. We all sort of trade places doing that from time to time and there are even beings who do so continually.

What we have been experiencing is what I refer to as a "Cosmic Draw Down," a deep dive into Essential-Self. I have experienced this personally many times over the last 20 years, but never for so prolonged a period of time as this year's has been. Each time we go through this type of passage we become more closely connected to Essential-Self. The "draw down" of vital energies is related to electromagnetic shifts taking place on the planet which are in turn linked to electromagnetic events taking place within our Sun, which are in turn linked to larger celestial events taking place in our galaxy and beyond.

These electromagnetic field shifts which cause vital energy "draw downs" of course hit those with weakened vital energy fields the hardest. However, that also has a "gift factor" to it in that when we are depleted of vital energy resources we tend to listen to the Essential-Self more closely. The more effective we are in doing so the quicker and more efficiently we can recharge our batteries from the Infinite Source of All Being, which is the same as our Essential-Self. This then results in a stronger bonding between Essential-Self and conscious self.

To digress for a moment, I found it interesting that back in May of this year when I was working on preparing for the New Earth Toroidal Temple Tele-Transmission I received a transmission that opened me up to the awareness that our planet was soon to drop its dodecahedral crystallex grid structure. The planet will move into using a strictly toroidal energy field. It has had both actually, but the dodecahedron was revealed to me to be a temporary overlay of consciousness meant to take us to the next threshold which we are rapidly approaching now. Last Sunday a friend sent me a Drunvalo movie link and he was saying the same thing about the dodecahedron, touche!

The reason I bring this up in this article is that I had another transmission today that brought awareness regarding this dynamic and what is happening now with the Cosmic Void many of us are experiencing. Our planetary dodecahedron is going to go through several different stages of being phased out and finally transmuted completely. This process will span another few years of Earth time on out to about 2027 or so. 

What we are experiencing now is the first major phase of the release of this dodecahedral geometry of consciousness that has been our Earthen merkabah since late in the Atlantean epoch. Prior to that we had another geometrical structure of consciousness on the planet but I have not been apprised of what that was, probably because it is not relevant now. I will speak to this more in further information I will be sharing around the upcoming 999 in September.

To return to my main flow: this Cosmic Void we are currently experiencing has tremendous potential within it. It is taking us deeper and deeper into who we truly are, stripping away many of the false pretenses and egoic identifications that we have used in the past to navigate and function within our world. It is very critical to understand the nature of this period of time because what you focus on now with your mind, heart and feelings, consciously AND unconsciously, is becoming the next phase of your future experience.

When I say this I do not mean to infer that far-out ungrounded fantasies will necessarily manifest as your reality. Rather, if this is what you focus on it will set the stage in your future for a series of reality checks to manifest to help you become more integrated and grounded in what you focus upon. For example if you were to place a lot of energy and focus upon the demise of the current economic system in a well-intentioned effort to help the planet move beyond the need for money, you may in fact manifest the end of your own economic system while the planet's keeps on going for awhile longer.

This is a critical developmental period being offered us prior to heading into the next phase of the planetary ascension and transformation. We are rapidly (on the cosmic clock) heading towards instantaneous manifestation, yet there is still a LOT of things operating within us below our conscious threshold that can make this disastrous should it fully occur right now. This current "draw down" can thus be seen as a practice period being offered that still has some protective checks, balances and buffering within it so we get a better taste and feel for what is to come without doing harm.

To truly make good use of what is being offered requires that you look closely at what is occurring in your life on every level. Learn to see the inter-connectedness of all levels, they are NOT separate, they are only different octaves of the same energy being expressed. Seek to become more aware about what is currently going on in your life and how that is related to things you have cast forth both consciously and unconsciously in the past. This line of endeavor holds tremendous potential for liberating aspects of your being that seem like they are being held in bondage by some external force or power.

It is easy to think that something external is holding us in bondage, and to believe that because we are all one that until other aspects of the collective make their moves we are all sort of stuck waiting. This is largely an illusion and is fundamentally divisive not unifying. The best way I have found to understand this dynamic and put things in perspective is to simply realize that the Ascended Masters residing in the 5th through 7th dimensional octaves of reality associated with the Earth are also part of our planetary collective consciousness. Not much more needs to be said, we all have that potential right now and to realize it is not leaving the collective consciousness of the Earth behind but rather it places us in a better position to assist the collective process.

The only things that hold us back are to be found within ourselves. These are also collective patterns of limitation that we each have woven into our incarnational sheathing to transform through our own personal life experiences as a planetary service. In other words, dealing with your own "stuff" is also a planetary work, and it is the most important planetary work you have to do and you can NEVER be separated from it, it is always there to work with until you transcend completely and then you will take that work to another level.

How can you know when you have truly transcended? When you have done so you will never ever have the feeling that you wish you were not experiencing what is going on in your life in the moment here on Earth. You will instead reside in total acceptance of each moment as it is. Many people have sought to have this experience by attempting to wall themselves off from adversity and challenge, from certain aspects of life by building an ivory tower. This may have worked for awhile further supporting the illusion that this was in fact the way to go.

Yet, now, these illusions are becoming much more difficult to maintain. Those who are still doing so accomplish this through sheer will power, but this is an applied dualistic temporal force versus a truly infinite power. As such it will soon become virtually impossible to sustain such a dualistic force against the rising tide of pure awareness and the Divine Powers of Love.

This is however, going to take some linear time to filter down through all the layers of human consciousness. After 2012 we will have the cosmic energy background and matrix needed to complete the job. We will have the full support of the new galactic harmonics of pure consciousness fully in place. However, because the next cycle we are entering after 2012 requires a higher degree of self-responsible co-creation we will be required to consciously participate moreso than ever before in order to bring the more expanded reality into manifestation.

The universe will give us the energetic environment to do it within, but it will no longer build it for us as has been the case in the past where we were subject to the larger galactic evolutionary patterns on every level and our choices only determined the finer details. We are headed into an experience now wherein our choices will determine a great deal more than ever before and in order to take responsibility for this new paradigm of co-creation we will need to become fully conscious of every energy emanation we emit. Tall order it seems, but it will come to pass for those who can be self-honest and humble enough to look fully into their own Shadow nature and accept it with love thereby releasing its full potential at an essential level.

How long the planetary transition will take is unknown. Anyone who places dates and predictions on this fundamentally misunderstands the ascension process. Ascension is a process, not an event, and even though the process may spawn events they do not define it. How we as a collective respond to the new galactic consciousness harmonics becoming available to us is critical.

We must also remember that there is always a delay of sorts in terms of linear time sequencing when energy moves from one dimensional level to another. Whenever energy is applied to a system there is a delay between when that energy is applied and when it comes into full manifestation within that system thus transforming it. We can see this exemplified in the way in the northern hemisphere our longest day occurs at Summer Solstice, but our hottest days are in August. Why is this?

It's because the heat of the Sun is still building up its storage of thermal energy in the planet's oceans and land masses after Summer Solstice and the build up of thermal energy does not peak until some time later. We can see this same principle demonstrated when heating a pot of water. You turn the burner on and the flame is immediately there under the pot and more than hot enough to boil the water. However, it takes awhile for the water to absorb enough of the heat energy from the flame to actually reach its boiling temperature.

In much the same way then the energy of the new galactic consciousness harmonics will take a bit of time to "heat up" the collective consciousness to its flash point. This is why its absolutely critical that we learn to be fully present in the here and now and to be fully responsible for what we are experiencing. This means on the one hand being aware enough to recognize the inter-connectedness of all things and how they tie into our personal experience, and yet we must also be self-aware and authentic enough to take full responsibility for everything we experience, everything. There truly is "no out there."

This means that we cannot conveniently blame others on the planet for being slow or not getting with the program for what we are experiencing. It means we must learn to shift our experience of anything that life delivers to our doorstep so that we experience it in full acceptance because we recognize it has a purpose for being there in our life or it would not be there. This can be tough, the ego-mind is very clever at abnegating this responsibility and projecting blame elsewhere while at the same time camouflaging itself so it appears as spiritual truth or principle.

I therefore wish to offer you some concise guidelines that I use in order to keep as clear of these illusory ego dynamics as possible:

1) If I have to "speak my truth," its not my truth, its my ego's truth.

2) If I feel I need to tell others about my level of evolution, its only my ego needing to do that and I am not where I think I am -- people just know and feel it when you are truly evolved and coming from pure awareness.

3) If I ever feel the need to tell others about identities I feel may have had in past lives or on higher-dimensional levels (or any other identifications) I am in my ego. Truly great and powerful beings rarely announce themselves as such, others who matter will just know in whatever way is apropo.

4) If I ever perceive, feel or think that someone else is responsible in any way for what I am feeling or experiencing, I am in an illusion rather than pure awareness and truth.

5) All situations and circumstances are neutral, it is only my perceptions and thoughts about them that create any unhappiness I may experience (Eckhart Tolle gets credit for this one).

6) For me to offer someone else advice or an insight without being invited to do so is an imposition and/or an intrusion (Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len gets credit for this one).

7) If I do not like what is happening in my life, I must seek to understand why it is there in the first place and then accept it fully so I can glean the wisdom and awareness needed from the experience and thus free myself from the need for the difficult circumstances.

8) The source of all external information and awareness is unimportant, it is the resonance I feel with it in my heart that tells me if it is true and valuable for me or not. For example: I might accept something gleaned from a drunken homeless person as truth and reject something that a more "enlightened being" tells me as being false.

9) If I have a fear, I am not in the present moment with my body but rather I am in past or future stories in my mind. I then treat the fear as a friendly messenger from my body, allow myself to feel it fully rather than resisting it. I ask the messenger to deliver its message which brings me back into the NOW and allows me to see what is going on. Then my mind can re-join my body and my fear rapidly dissipates.

10)  If ever I find myself feeling diminished by any external factors in my life I know I am in my ego. My measure of success in life and value as a being are not related to a career, wealth, material possessions, titles, degrees and certifications, worldly power and influence, social status or any other external circumstances. Rather my identity and success are related to how self-aware I have become and how well I am able to continually reside within a state of pure awareness operating free of all conditioning thereby contributing that realized state of being to the collective evolutionary effort.

These ten guidelines have been very powerful for me in working to stay aware enough to not allow my ego to project outwards onto others or situations and circumstances. The moment that happens I feel it and I can return quickly using these guidelines and the principles they represent for a quick reality check.

Using them, or your own version of them, will help you immensely in accessing the field of pure potential being offered to us right now as we wind our way through the remaining portion of this current Cosmic Void.

How long will it persist? I truthfully will say I do not know. However, I have been getting strong intuitive input that it could shift in some significant way as we get close to the 6th Night of the Galactic Underworld according to the Mayan long count calendar. According to Johann Calleman this will occur on November 7th, 2009. In my experience these particular Mayan calendar harmonic shifts start taking place about a month or two ahead of their actual calendrical timing, but that may just be me and not a universal dynamic felt by all.

I truly hope this information will be of help to others so we have more people able to make use of the incredible gift of this Cosmic Void and its field of Pure Potential. I will meet you in the field of pure potential where we can conjoin our awareness and our hearts and bring the new consciousness to our beloved planet and the collective of consciousness we are a part of.


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by Simeon Chiron Nartoomid