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999 ~ a gift of cosmic consciousness

The upcoming 999 time gate will usher us into the final leg of our cosmic journey on Earth by finally providing all the vibrational keys and codes we need to complete the harmonic set of the old Solar Law and threshold known as the 666 whereby we can more fully reside within its inverted state of consciousness, the 999 Cube of Stars.

The Cube of Stars is the open-ended consciousness system that allows you to access the supra-akashic and universal soular memories beyond the 666 threshold. Many of us have had occasional forays into this expanded 999 field of universal awareness for years such as when "remembering" experiences in other star systems and planets not within our Earth's solar system.

After passing through this upcoming 999 we will have a new matrix supporting us in operating within this expanded celestial plane of awareness more continually. It will take less energy to get to this awareness than previously. We will be able to more easily stay focused within this universal plane of awareness. Thus, we will also find a new sense of balance wherein we can simultaneously co-exist and operate within the remaining aspects of the current world system that for a time will still operate under the confines of the old 666 Solar Law.

For those who have not yet experienced fields of awareness beyond the 666 Solar Threshold these experiences will more easily open to you after we pass through the upcoming 999 time gate. Ultimately, experiencing the states of awareness possible through the 999 Cube of Stars inter-dimensional portal is a major step towards being able to know more completely what your true identity is. I am speaking here of knowing your true identity at a visceral "in the marrow of your bones" level, not just intellectually.

We all have our truest identity rooted in a state of Pure Awareness. Its not just a place we can go to hang out, its actually who we are and that is why it is so enticing to experience. It is in that place of Pure Awareness that the state of beingness we often refer to as Divine Love is to be found. They are actually synonymous. When we are in that state we are experiencing ourselves fully, our true identity beyond all form and expression.

The transmission of awareness I am experiencing around this, indicates that wherever we are in our process of being able to experience who we truly are as Pure Awareness, will be taken to an entirely new level following the upcoming passage through the 999 time gate. This will not necessarily happen immediately, at least not for everyone, but it will start unfolding in earnest and will rapidly accelerate with time.

It is within this state of Pure Awareness that we are able to access the complete repository of universal memories without any filters applied. For that is in effect what the 666 represents; it is a filter meant to protect beings who would otherwise be overwhelmed by an inundation of cosmic awareness and multi-dimensional information. Our mental institutions are full of souls who for one reason or another had this filter prematurely removed, for it exists ultimately within our DNA.

It has taken many aeons of evolution of the human psychological, emotional and energy systems to prepare us collectively wherein we could properly process the type of multi-dimensional information one is exposed to through the 999 when the filtered protection of the 666 Solar Threshold is inverted and made transparent.

You can think of the 666 protective filter as being somewhat like a piece of one-way privacy glass. We have been on the side facing the mirrored surface where when we would go to "look out beyond" we would simply see a mirrored reflection of what was here in our local reality. Our world reality has been like being in a house with this glass in all the windows but oriented such that we could not look out, others outside could look in though, such as the Illumined Ones and other celestials. This "reflection effect" has been confusing to many. It took me a long time with many, many forays through the 666 Solar Threshold into the 999 Cube of Stars to even begin to understand what was actually occurring.

After the 999 inversion has fully taken place this "privacy glass" will have reversed it's position relative to our reality whereby we will then have the see-through side facing us where we can look out of our "home" in this reality into all that lies beyond. Truly awesome to contemplate.

A lot of what we are experiencing going on within ourselves this year is related to this final upcoming 999 time gate. Accessing a more complete universal awareness also requires that all the identities, attachments and incomplete emotional experiences we are still carrying around have to find their way into liberation too. These are all operating within the main set of harmonics represented in the more limited 666 Solar Threshold, that is where they were created.

In the upcoming 999 Cube of Stars Tele-Transmission we will work with some universal level processes to more efficiently give passage to these old harmonics and to succinctly and directly access the 999 Cube of Stars codes of liberation.

My poster for this event is on seen the left and can be downloaded in hi-res for free and used however you wish provided that it remains unaltered and in its original form. All registered participants will receive a hi-res version of the Meditation Mandala that is NOT posterized for use in the Tele-Transmission meditation process for going beyond the 666 Solar Threshold.

To be sure, all beings will have equal opportunity to access these codes and keys. Yet the more directly we can access them and begin to open to these new universal fields of awareness they offer, the more easily and quickly will we be able to step forward as newly radiant beings embodying the 999 Cube of Stars for the whole collective soul of humanity. We will be more powerfully centered in our true identity as Pure Awareness.

This is what I am facilitating in the upcoming 999 Cube of Stars Tele-Transmission. The more beings we have operating within the vibrational parameters of the 999 the more easily it will go for the rest of humanity. As such, I truly believe that when we come together with such a profound focus and thus offer ourselves to the Greater Purpose for the benefit of all beings that we receive Divine Grace to assist us in realizing our intentions. Divine Grace meets us on our ground, we need to step forward and make the opening for it. Will you join me?

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by Simeon Chiron Nartoomid