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free hi-res 999 meditation mandala poster

I've been working on this 999 meditational attunement mandala and poster for a few weeks on and off, and it is finally ready!

FREE - Download the Image Below in Hi-Res JPG

Also, as of the other day I was able to grant honorary access to this tele-event to the first two people on the honorary request list - YEAH!!! I truly wish I could simply let anyone who wished to participate do so regardless of money.

However, this is all I do full-time and in order to continue offering my services, it requires that the time, effort and expense it takes to create, conduct and do all the follow-up work making MP3 files available etc has to be supported. This may seem exaggerated, but it honestly takes me an average of about 30 hours each to do one of these tele-events after everything involved is accounted for, and this one will be longer than that.

I have thus been trying out different ways of approaching this. I previously stated for this event that for every 10 paid participants I will grant access to 2 honorary participants. However, I really do not wish to exclude anyone who wishes to participate and we have 7 people still waiting for honorary access.

Thus, if we can realize the equivalent of 24 paid participants in this tele-event I will then grant honorary access to everyone who has or will request it. We are not that far away from realizing this goal either (only 5 more needed as of 8/22/09).

Another option is if there is anyone who is willing and able to make a donation to sponsor this event I can reduce the number of paid participants required by that donation amount. Donations can be made here. Please let me know your donation is for this purpose if you make one.

Another option is you could buy an additional registration(s) and then request that it be given to others who do not have the money to pay the requested participation fee.

Listen to the streaming MP3 recording of the 999 event for FREE!  


Aloha kākou
(may there be love/friendship amongst us),
Simeon Chiron Nartoomid