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divinity star transmissions

This new offering has been a little over a year in the conception, gestation and birthing process and it is finally ready! Much of the effort up until about 4-5 months ago was in preparing myself to be able to facilitate the Divinity Star Transmissions (DST). The rest was setting up the new DST Pymander facilitation matrix, trying to put together all the information about it, creating the supportive materials used in the session, designing my new healing logo for these sessions as seen below left (more info on this logo on session page), and then getting it all setup online.

The Divinity Star is what the traditional Mayans call Hunab Ku, and is called the Great Central Sun in many esoteric schools of endeavor. This is the singularity which lies at the heart of the multi-dimensional universe. This singularity is non-local and is thus universal to all systems. I have had direct mystical experiences with the Divinity Star. In this session I facilitate pure transmissions of universal energy directly from the Divinity Star or Hunab Ku into specific hologenetic receptors in your DNA as revealed within your hologenetic profile.

These Divinity Star Transmissions are the next level of both the "Understanding Your Cosmic Code" and the "Radiant Heart Initiation" sessions I was doing previously. The Radiant Heart Initiation started out as the Rainbow Bridge session work, then progressed into the Opening to Divine Grace sessions which then developed into the Radiant Heart Initiations. This thus work builds directly upon everything I have done from 2005 directly and also incorporates work I did previous to that going all the way back to 1992 indirectly.

The Understanding Your Cosmic Code sessions became an additional streaming in 2006 which incorporated the core aspects of the Radiant Heart Initiation and reinforced them, using them to set an overall context for the Cosmic Code transmission. These both now come together and move to the next harmonic octave of their cosmic expression in this work with the Divinity Star Transmissions.

For those of you who have done any of that previous work with me this is a natural progression. Many of you have asked me what comes next, this is it. For all others, this is the place to step in to this streaming, it meets you on your own ground the same as Spirit.

This session targets specific hologenetic codes within your DNA with pure Divinity Star energy transmissions. These energy infusions will initiate a further "flowering" of your targeted hologenetic codes wherein they can move into their next octave of consciousness expression by transmuting the lower vibratory "sheaths" inherent within our basic genetic programming. The ultimate manifestation of this process is the Adam Kadmon as your Pure Gem Body.

In other words, the basic program in your hologenetic DNA codes will be upgraded. Its like having a trial version of your genetic software with half of its capabilities disabled until it is fully activated. The upgraded programming is thus something that you already have on your genetic hard drive, but it needs its vibrational "activation key" entered to unlock the full functionality in the programming it actually carries!

I have created a special Pymander Inner Earth Elohim Computer radionics matrix to help facilitate these transmissions for you (shown to right, larger image available on my sessions page).

I have been guided to offer these sessions in three different formats to better serve your specific needs as follows: Phone, MP3 and Written Sessions. The Phone Sessions come with an MP3 recording and the written material. The MP3 sessions come with your session on MP3 and include the written materials also. The Written Sessions come only with the written materials and a special process to use. They all include your entry into the special facilitative Pymander radionics matrix that I setup.

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by Simeon Chiron Nartoomid