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gold and platinum rays and 999

In my original 999 information as well as my two subsequent 999 articles "999 - A Gift of Cosmic Consciousness" and "Metatronic Lions and Lambs,"  I spoke to a number of different perspectives on the 999 Cube of Stars. This included information on the inversion of the 666 Solar Threshold into the 999 Cube of Stars.

This 666 to 999 inversion is also directly related to the Gold and Platinum Rays. They are both Solar Rays, with the 666 being representative of the indigenous Solar Law of the 666 and the Platinum Ray representing the higher universal 999 Solar Logos found within the Great Central Sun or Hunab Ku.

Therefore the Gold Ray is a local Solar Ray and the Platinum Ray is a non-local Solar Ray, cosmically speaking. In the esoteric school of thought put forth by Alice Bailey in the first half of the 20th century it was revealed that our Solar Logos/Law is under the influence of the 2nd Universal Cosmic Ray, which is the Ray of Love-Wisdom. Here are some notes on this ray which I have gleaned from Alice Bailey's book "Esoteric Astrology I":

The Second Universal Cosmic Ray:

This is a wonderful explanation of the basis of what I am referring to as our local "Solar Law" which is conditioned archetypally by the 2nd Universal Cosmic Ray. There is more to it than this, but this is a key understanding needed to fully grok the concept of the Gold and Platinum Rays as being representative of the 666 ~|~ 999 dynamics respectively.

The Platinum Ray is not just another octave higher than the Gold Ray, it is a composite of all 7 Cosmic Rays and thus a completion thereof. In truth, one cannot separate one Cosmic Ray from another as we tend to do in our minds to understand them. Yet, our local Solar Law comes under the primary influence of the 2nd Universal Cosmic Ray. `The Platinum Ray on the other hand has no such primary influence of one ray over the other affecting it.

Another attunement to the difference in these rays can be gleaned from something I have written about on a number of occasions over the last few years. The Golden Rule is commonly stated as: "do unto others as you would like to have them to do unto you." The Platinum Rule takes us to another level of awareness as: "do unto others as they would have you do unto them."

When I have written about this topic in the past I have discovered through feedback that many people have already shifted into the Platinum Ray frequency but they still consider themselves to be following the Golden Rule. That is only a matter of semantics and not so important. Yet it IS important to understand the difference in consciousness these two rays represent. Understanding this difference also gives one a better grasp on the further shifts that will occur as we pass through the final 9/9/9 time gate in a couple of weeks.

The Golden Rule of "doing unto others as you would have them do unto you" implies that what is right for you is necessarily right for others, which is often not the case unless we apply this rule only in the most essential way. The Golden Rule escorted us through the densest of times in our evolutionary thrust and its rarified essential form is still a solid anchor for the collective consciousness. It operates within a field of compassion that extends itself according to the degree of one's own self-awareness. It guides one to understand that others need to be treated with at least the same honor and respect that we ourselves wish to be treated with, this is its most essential core.

Yet, there is a furtherance of this principle possible with the Platinum Ray. The Platinum Ray expands us into a more universal plane of awareness that allows us to see more clearly what the true needs of the other are so we can meet them with our compassion in the core of their life experience. This rule also operates on the subtler essential planes of reality but allows us a wider scope of application on the manifest plane. The Platinum Ray is thus not a replacement for the Gold Ray, it is the completion of it and therefore the Gold Ray is also held within it.

When we pass through the final 9/9/9 time gate on 09/09/2009 we will enter into the final phase of development in the collective consciousness soul of Earth's humanity. Before we reach 09/09/2109 we will have made the full inversion into the vibrational harmonics of our higher Solar Logos operating within the 999 Cube of Stars. We will also have collectively begun to operate fully under the auspices of the more expansive Platinum Ray.

Back on April 5th, 2009 I held a tele-event entitled "A Drink from the Platinum Grail." I did not realize until recently that this was a preliminary work in preparation for the upcoming 999. If you read the original information you will see 999 is mentioned there. However at the time I was focused moreso on the Sirian connection aspect of the Platinum Grail. Thus on 09/09/09 in the 999 Cube of Stars dynamic we will be offered the opportunity to take a real honest to goodness "gulp" from the Platinum Grail and thus to quench our soul's thirst for the sublime elixir of Universal Cosmic Consciousness as we open the windows and doors upon our Earthen home to the Great Cosm and allow its multi-dimensional infusion to pour through us into our beloved Gaia. She gave birth to us as a collective, now we give birth to her as we all bond within a new octave of love and pass into the cup of the Star Grail together.


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by Simeon Chiron Nartoomid