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new article on the metatron crystal skulls

My latest article in the 44:44 Ascension Portal section is entitled: The Metatron Crystal Skulls - Our Future?

Here is an excerpt from my new article:

I was shown on the inner-planes geometries of star patterns, one nested within another. At the point-nodes of each star is positioned one of the 72 Dweller Crystal Skulls. The Metatron Skulls formed the outer most circle, ringing the entire pattern. Altogether the Dweller Crystal Skull geometry connects with various planetary grids... feeding them the Light Codes of the Origin Pulse... the original Creation Matrix of the Earth and inter-facing with the Creation Matrix of the universe.

The Metatron Skulls then in the outer ring, both contain and direct the current of the full geometry into that  universal interface... with other wheels (geometries) within wheels...

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