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the final 999 countdown

With the only occurrence of 9/9/9 in this century less than a week away many people are experiencing a wide range of things. They are also saying they feel something is very different, something big is about to happen, etc.

I have been personally experiencing the energy buildup as a feeling of great expansiveness. In fact, even the great challenges many of us are experiencing (which I also have my share of) are part of this expansive process that is transforming things which inhibit our full potential as Beings of Pure Awareness, Love and Spirit in human bodies.

Many aeons of old structure in the form of imprinted energy patterns within our DNA are being rapidly shaken loose in a vast transformational process far beyond the scope of just the Earth alone. Many world systems go through this process when it is catalyzed by a super-nova explosion of their star-sun. Not much more needs to be said about what that means.

Even though at times I have thought that a super-nova might be an easier way to do this (smiles and a wink), in our World System we are destined to move through this transition bringing the matter forms we have been interacting with through the portal with us rather than allowing the matter forms to be completely reduced to atomic substance for use in an entirely new system. This means those matter forms will be transformed through the pure power of consciousness alone.

This process is being effected by the Living Celestial Lights such as our Star-Sun and beyond to the Great Central Sun, but we ourselves must learn to align our consciousness with the larger universal patterns that are becoming predominant within our world at this time.

The good news is, no matter what we do, this process is much larger than we are and we will all find our way through it. The place where our "free will" plays out is in how we are going to experience the journey and which roles we may play in the overall collective movement. The core message here is "relax, its OK, you will not be left behind, that is not possible."

We have a deep fear of being left behind because we also have the memory of the separation trauma still very active in our bodies. Therefore the body enjoys hearing this comforting message and feeling embraced -- speak to it often. Your body is an earthen devic being that you have partnered with for this incarnation. Treat it with love and caring like you would any other beautiful creature of nature rather than getting upset with it for being so slow, clumsy, dense, aged, sick or somehow for "holding you back" etc. If you wish to travel across a desert on a camel, you best treat the camel well.

On another note there is a very nice group of people assembling to interact with this final 999 time gate in the Earth's evolution using the program I have been guided to put together for this purpose. In truth, the program is secondary, the many hearts of the group joining together in love for Spirit and expansion into the Great Beyond is where the power is. The program I have assembled runs on this power, not the other way around. Wherever two or more gather in the name of Spirit...

All registered participants will also receive access to listen to the streaming audio recording of the event after it concludes and this has been upgraded from 30 days to 90 days of access. As previously stated this recording will not be sold in our Spirit Store afterwards, the only way to be able to listen to it is by signing up for the event so you are on the registered participant's list. Honorary access is available to anyone who does not have the money for the minimum requested donation so nobody is being excluded. Thank you to everyone who made that possible.

Cayelin Castell of Celestial Timings shamanic astrological newsletter (a free and a more in-depth paid version are available here) has outlined a number of important astrological configurations for this month/year. She speaks of the alignments happening with Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter this year:

This triple alignment is recalibrating our relationship to the multi-dimensional aspects of time. This is being accomplished through the initiatory energies of the underworld planet Chiron assisting in healing the wounds of the past and accessing the visions of the future guided by the celestial world planet Neptune with the expansive energy of the middle world planet Jupiter bringing it altogether in the present. It is a process of collapsing past and future into the now similar to what Terrence McKenna described as the Timewave Zero theory.

These are extraordinarily powerful alignments to consider when we factor in the reality that this is also the year of the final 999 time gate. It would seem that the Masters in ancient times knew of these configurations in this Solar Cycle and that the 999 harmonic series they set into motion would in fact conclude in the midst of them...

That is about it for now, I'm making final preparations internally within myself for passing through 999, feelings of future memory keep stirring deep in my being, the Great Cosm beckons, love expands within... I love you all and whether you are joining me directly or not for 999, we are all in this Ship of Light to the stars together.


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by Simeon Chiron Nartoomid