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post-999 reflections

By the way, this is another 999 today (09/18/09) as the 18th is numerologically a 9. It has also been 9 days since 999! I did not realize either of these facts until after the impulse hit me this morning to write about my post-999 reflections. I had these aha's the moment I started writing this article... I love it when that happens - SMILES.

Well, all I can say post-999 is WOW! Many of my same personal challenges still remain on the physical plane, but my internal experience of them and my ability to deal with them has shifted dramatically. I heard from quite a few others after my 999 Cube of Stars tele-transmission that they felt greatly at peace. I also had that same experience and the deep inner peace endures quite well even today despite what may be taking place externally in my life. It also felt like I went into a great void for awhile and I am now slowly emerging. This allowed the deeper shifts to take place within me.

Given that the final 999 time gate was the last in a harmonic series of 144 time gates, each building or layering upon the others that preceded it, and the fact that the final shifts in consciousness it represents will be unfolding over the next several decades, I have been quite pleasantly surprised by the profundity of the immediate shift I have personally felt since 999.

I feel that some very important pieces of the puzzle I have been working on within myself for some time have fallen nicely into place all of a sudden. On a planetary scale I have been sensing that the domain of ego-driven anything is facing its final days in manifestation and is thus reacting harshly at times to that which it perceives to be threatening it. I have seen this playing out on the world stage as well as with individual scenarios.

On cosmic levels of awareness I have been sensing that the new harmonic codes of the 999 Cube of Stars, our unlimited and open-ended Solar Logos, have actually been completed. I was exploring this yesterday in deep states of pure awareness and when I emerged I had an email waiting from Mitch Battros of Earth Changes TV. This email related that:

"A new study led by scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and the University of Michigan, finds that Earth was bombarded last year with high levels of solar energy at a time when the Sun was in an unusually quiet phase."

This article goes on to state:

"Scientists previously thought that the streams largely disappeared as the solar cycle approached minimum. But when the study team compared measurements within the current solar minimum interval, taken in 2008, with measurements of the last solar minimum in 1996, they found that Earth in 2008 was continuing to resonate with the effects of the streams. Although the current solar minimum has fewer sunspots than any minimum in 75 years, the Sun's effect on Earth's outer radiation belt, as measured by electron fluxes, was more than three times greater last year than in 1996."

So, what this represents is that our Sun is entering into a phase wherein its higher intensity radiation streaming, which flows into the Earth's electromagnetic environment, is happening sans the turbulence on the surface of the Sun that is usually associated with it, i.e. solar flares and sunspots, and it intensifying considerably.

I found this quite exciting for a number of reasons. The first reason is that for many years I have been correlating sunspot and solar flare activity with my physical and emotional states. There is a definite corollary. I was feeling many of the effects of these activities through last year and this year, and yet, there has not been any solar flares or sunspot activity to speak of which left me wondering what was going on. I was thus excited to have this validation of my physical/emotional system's feedback! Confusion cleared, thank you universe!

Secondly, I have a very strong intuitive sense that our Star-Sun is making some major changes which have not yet fully revealed themselves and which are directly linked to the 999 harmonic time gate series and the end of the Mayan Calendar. It will be interesting to see what reveals itself in the days ahead in this regard.

I would also like to take this opportunity to announce that as a result of the shifts that have occurred for me personally, I will no longer be offering the monthly "Divine Alignment" series. Something else is coming along to take its place, but I currently do not know what that is just yet. I am also discontinuing the "New Earth Perspectives" newsletter as I simply do not have time to keep up with producing that and it is not within the main streaming of my work.

I will soon be offering a new session as well and it represents a whole new frequency and direction in my work. These new sessions will be called "Essential-Self Empowerment" sessions and will be very powerful in helping you to just step much more fully into your true being and power in a very concise, simple and direct way. I may even be dropping the recently introduced Divinity Star Transmissions because they were the culmination of a much longer previous cycle which it is clear to me now ended with 999.

The bottom line is, it feels like it is really time now for cleaning up and releasing all older energies that no longer serve us. We need to be getting our cosmic slates wiped clean so we can use them for working with the new energies coming in. They are coming in fast and powerfully too.

Let us always be humble and understand that we are all one, anyone who you see struggling is a part of you, be kind and gentle with them. However, also be clear about what works for you and what does not work for you. Be clear about what is acceptable to you and what is not acceptable to you. Being kind and gentle does not mean you have to be anyone's doormat or punching bag.

Always ask yourself if what you feel you need to say is really necessary. As Sai Baba once said, "does it improve upon the silence." Trying to point out someone else's problems to them is not your job unless they ask you to do so. As Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len of Self-Identity Ho'oponopono  said to our group when I saw him over last Easter weekend, "to offer your own insights to someone who did not ask for them is an intrusion or an imposition upon them" (paraphrased). These are truly wise words which will take you far.

I would also love to hear from you regarding what has been happening since 999 whether you directly participated in my 999 Cube of Stars Tele-transmission or not.


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by Simeon Chiron Nartoomid