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I (Maia Christianne) send you tropical breezes and the sweet scent of flowers from the Islands of Aloha!

The changes that our planet and WE are currently undergoing are escalating, and it is time for us to "shake the tree" and allow the precious fruit of our divine being to fall into our waiting hands. I have thus been guided to offer a new variation on my channeled services with ThothHorRa.

You can now be "mentored" and guided by ThothHorRa (THR) through me in a written question/answer format on an ongoing basis and more affordable manner. Instead of paying for a full session and its larger associated hourly fee and minimum, you may now engage THR in a more fluent on-going dialogue with him.

I am herein offering a deeply discounted rate to make this access more affordable to people at this critical time in our collective evolution.

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by Maia Christianne Mallika