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Essential-Self Empowerment

At the level of Essential Self (I AM, God Self) we are beings of Pure Awareness, Love and Spirit. At this level of our being there is no duality, separation or suffering. All our problems stem from being mis-identified with things other than our Essential-Self. Once this problem is corrected things significantly change for the better and very quickly. This mis-identification is the root of the tree that binds us, that which has been depicted as the cross with a human tied/nailed to it.

I have thus endeavored for many, many years to truly find a means to effectively dissolve the ego and embody Essential-Self. During the course of the last year many keys have been revealed to me in this regard that have now been synthesized into a very powerful and direct means of accomplishing my long sought after objectives. Like, "oh my God," its hard to believe it has finally happened! The effect has been quantum transformation which is quite amazing, I still marvel at it how effectively it works, and not just for me, but for the others I have introduced it to as well.

I previously mentioned in one of my emails shortly after 999 there was a new session coming. I have now accomplished creating a formulation of  all the gems within my previous work and the newly discovered keys into a session format which I am calling "Essential-Self Empowerment." This new work replaces everything that I have been doing, its an entirely different energy and approach but which also extracts the gems from the previous work and gives them the proper matrix to exist within now. That matrix is empowered by the new keys and tools I have recently discovered.

This new work is interactive, experiential, and extraordinarily effective. Perhaps the best way to explain it is to let you read a bit of what the first person I did this new session for had to say about it:

Greetings again my beautiful friend... I have just been in a space of pure awareness (since doing this session)... just being, so much joy and acceptance of everyone everything and being in total love and peace within. I accept myself fully as the presence of the creator. I feel that this transmission of self empowerment of pure awareness of being within my central self is just totally amazing, no words can really explain how I feel, just is. I AM so appreciative of your work that you bring forth to share with humanity, you truly are an expression of the GOD, which in truth, we all are. Thank you again for this wonderful experience in connecting back to my central self... it has made a tremendous difference in my empowerment, spiritual growth and acceptance of the I AM and experiencing the I AM which words do not give justice. I love and honour all that you are many blessings and streams of love and light. ~ Leanne Carroll of Soul Connection - Eagle Heights, Australia.

I am also now going back to offering a sliding fee scale again with my sessions, I really like the vibration of that approach. I am also offering an introductory special on this new session available until 11/11/09 (more info).

I look forward to helping you directly experience your true Essential-Self identity in Pure Awareness, Love and Spirit directly to help set you free from everything else, it is the MOST fulfilling work I have ever done and my heart is singing an amazing song as a result!

More Info on Essential-Self Empowerment Sessions

by Simeon Chiron Nartoomid