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the nature and purpose of evolution mp3

I have started a new series of MP3 audio transmissions which I am calling "The Cosmic Awareness Series." There will be many more to come on various topics and if there is a topic you would be interested in seeing appear in this series please let me know and I will give it due consideration.

The first MP3 in this new series is entitled "The Nature and Purpose of Evolution" and it is not your standard view of evolution by any means.

In this MP3 audio presentation you will find a transmission of information and cosmic awareness regarding the following and more:

  • The two main strata of evolution -- the Lesser and Greater Evolutions.
  • Macrocosmic cycles of evolution -- Big Bangs and Crunches.
  • The soul's journey in individuation and evolution -- Earth and beyond.
  • Consciousness evolution, love and eternity.
  • The Sentient, Intellectual and Consciousness Soul evolutions on Earth.
  • The entire purpose of evolution and the Universe itself.
  • The eventual dissolution of soular individuality into eternal life.
  • The extraordinary living light-form of the Heart of God-Spirit-Source and the Greater Evolution.

I am offering this MP3 to you at an introductory discount at $17.77 (normally will be $22.22) until 11/11, click here to purchase and download.

Also a courtesy reminder that there is also still time left to take advantage of the special discount on my new Essential-Self Empowerment session which is also good until 11/11. These sessions have been very powerful thus far. I am continually amazed at how this whole process is rapidly transforming my life and those of others I am working with.

I hope that this new MP3 offering will be of benefit to you!

by Simeon Chiron Nartoomid