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living the truth of YOU

The entire truth of who YOU are is not just an intellectual concept. It is a living essence that is one with all beings and things. It exists within everything. YOU exist within everything.

To live the truth of who you are thus means to also experience your unity with all beings and things. It can be no other way.

We usually begin our transformational movements by embracing a new awareness at an intellectual level of our being. From there it then affects our beliefs. Beliefs reside at the unconscious, subconscious and conscious levels of being.

Deeper, within our cellular consciousness and DNA, is where true knowing or gnosis resides. It is an "in the marrow of the bones" knowing that transcends beliefs. This is where we find our most intrinsic "sense of self assemblage point." To take the work you have been doing at the level of belief concerning who you truly are -- a being of Pure Awareness, Love and Spirit -- to a new level requires getting down into the cellular level in the DNA and shifting this assemblage point.

This is what the new work I am doing with the Essential-Self Empowerment sessions is about. Here is what some of the people who have been experiencing this work have said about their experiences of it:

Greetings again my beautiful friend... I have just been in a space of pure awareness (since doing this session)... just being, so much joy and acceptance of everyone everything and being in total love and peace within... just totally amazing, no words can really explain how I feel, just is. I AM so appreciative of your work that you bring forth to share with humanity. ~ Leanne Carroll of Soul Connection - Eagle Heights, Australia.

Wow - I'm just sitting here relishing the experience. I had no idea it would be so profound... he (Simeon) had a receptive mind to work with. Simeon clarified many things that I was unsure of and gave me the tools to use that I needed the most. He is a rare person... the kind of friend that I've never had before- as a man and a teacher, he restores my faith in humanity and in myself as well... ~ Bruce M. Ontario, Canada - (Bruce indicates he is willing to communicate with anyone wishing to get first hand feedback on this session, just contact me by hitting reply and I will put you in touch with him)

Thank you so much for today’s session Simeon. An experience occurred 18 months ago at a concert where I was left off balance (couldn’t stand up straight for 10 mins). At that time a blockage occurred leading to the right eye which has since then been of great to moderate concern. Your session enabled me to see... quite literally... what occurred. Simply amazing... and thank you because I now know this energy will clear up and I will have normal pressure behind both eyes! Again thanks so much for giving me permission to just be... a beautiful sound from within. ~ Jane C. - Perth, Australia

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by Simeon Chiron Nartoomid