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11:11 hologate rainbow blessing

Early this morning while eating breakfast on our lanai I looked up and saw this incredibly bright rainbow beginning to form. As I watched it continued to grow in intensity. Usually these rainbows only last a brief period of time and I have become accustomed to just taking them into my heart so I do not miss them while trying to grab a camera etc.

Yet, this morning, after 5 minutes this rainbow was still just as brilliant and was now forming a fuller arc. I got a deep inspiration from within that this was a symbol of a very special blessing being imparted to our planet on this day of the 11:11 HoloGate. Today is the eighteenth (a nine numerologically) 11:11 Hologate since Solara first activated this gateway in Egypt back in January of 1992.

I then also had a deep inspiration to get the camera and record its energy presence, that the rainbow would still be there when I returned. I did so and as you can see from the photo I share with you below this magnificent rainbow was indeed still there in all its incredible beauty and glory.

The remarkable thing is that this rainbow lasted in this brilliant form for about 20 full minutes, it even developed a fainter double to its outside for awhile. As you can also see in the photo there was a bird that flew right through the frame at the perfect moment! That bird is an 'io, or "Hawaiian Hawk" which frequent the woodlands of this area.

What an amazing synchronicity to have an 'io presenting the 11:11 HoloGate Rainbow Blessing to me/us! The hawk has a number of symbolic meanings, but it is frequently seen as a power symbol representing vision and higher consciousness. It is also the archetype the Egyptians used to represent Horus in their pantheon of deities which was the Egyptian version of the Christ Child, or higher consciousness of the Cosmic Christ being born to a pair of illumined parents.

The illumined parents, whether they be Isis and Osiris, Mary and Joseph or any other symbolic representative pairing, are the symbols for higher frequency polarity-pairing wherein a true and lasting balance is finally acheived. We can also see this symbolically represented in the symbol of the vesica pisces. This symbol is formed by the overlap of two circles. If you look at the frequently used symbol of the fish used to represent the Christ, it is none other than a slighly altered vesica pisces, and of course also represents the Piscean Age.

The two spheres which overlap to form the vesica pisces are once again, representative of the space of overlap where the perfect balance is found between two seeming polarities or differing spheres of reality. When the place of balance is found, what has been termed the Universal Christ manifests. In this model then, "Christ" is synonymous with perfect balance and poise in consciousness.

Ok, 'nuf rambling on the inspirational topics for now, here is the rainbow blessing which I am inspired to share with everyone, for I truly believe it was symbolic of a planetary blessing (click the image for a full size higher resolution version).

11:11 HoloGate Rainbow Blessing

by Simeon Chiron Nartoomid