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RSS feed and other site improvements

Spirit Heart Sanctuary's web site now has an RSS feed for our most recent list messages which of course includes all new articles, event announcements and site updates, etc.

What is an RSS feed? Briefly, it's a simple text file formatted in a specific way (XML) that allows a browser, other third party software program, or online widget to display and/or deliver selected content from a site. There is a title, description and a link to the content included in the feed for each item.

If you are not sure how to make use of an RSS feed, most of the new browsers make it fairly easy. In the later versions of MS Internet Explorer and FireFox you can get an entry on your browser tool bar which generates a drop down menu of all the item titles in the feed. The browsers keep the RSS feed up to date so as we update it the changes will be reflected in your drop down list. This allows you to easily keep tabs on what is new at Spirit Heart Sanctuary even if a list message to you bounces etc. In other words you can have a drop down list of our most recent list messages at your disposal right in your browser.

Here is a direct link to our new RSS feed. Once you open it in your browser you will have subscribe options. How this happens differs for the various browsers. In Internet Explorer you can access the help menu at the top and go to the "Index" tab and type "rss" into the window and search. It will bring up all the info you need to know. In FireFox once the feed is open in the browser you are given an easy button to click to subscribe. RSS feeds are free "subscriptions" and subscribing simply means you have brought that "feed" (info) into your browser to be displayed.

The Spirit Heart Sanctuary site now also has an "RSS" button under the waterfalls on the left in all pages and you can click that to get our RSS feed as well. Additionally, your browser will now display a small square orange icon with lines on it when you are on any of the pages in the Spirit Heart Sanctuary website. In FireFox this will be displayed in the right side of the location bar where you see the URL of the page you are on. In Internet Explorer this appears slightly lower on the tool bar on the right where you have the icons for Home, Read Mail, Print, etc. Clicking this orange icon brings up the feed to be displayed in the browser.

I hope this new feature is helpful! Please also feel free to share our RSS feed with others on your FaceBook, MySpace, Plaxo etc web pages. We are hoping to grow our global community by reaching out in various ways using the new technologies available.

Print Feature Working Again

For some time the special format style sheet for printed versions of the Spirit Heart Sanctuary website has been broken. I have finally found time to look into this problem and fix it. When you go to print a page now it will print a fairly nicely formatted text page less the graphics which never get displayed properly when printing and only waste paper anyway. It still prints a blank single page first, I have not figured out how to stop that yet, but it is a small inconvenience and only one page rather than the many useless wasted pages and ink that got printed before.

Audio Controls Now Hold the Stop Setting

Awhile back on the Spirit Heart Sanctuary website I added a feature (but never announced it) wherein if you click "stop" on the audio controls at the top left just below the main menu bar it will now remember that you did not want the music. This means it will NOT play music again when you go to a new page, or even when you close the browser and come back later. So if you miss hearing the music go up and click "play" again and it will return until you click "stop" again! The only sound you will hear (once) with the music off is the sound of the dove cooing when a new page loads in, then all sounds stop.

by Simeon Chiron Nartoomid