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spirit mythos updates:
nebula stones, goddess fold and QSSR

Nebula Stone

My friend in Israel gifted me with an incredible stone called a "Nebula Stone." Among all the many crystals and stone I have in my possession there is nothing quite so unique in energy and presence. The people (Ron and Karen Nurnberg) who offer these stones through the internet actually discovered them in Mexico. Read about Nebula Stones and see a picture of my Nebula Stone...

Goddess Fold

The unfolding continues... up to this point in time the following "Goddess Folds" have come through me for individuals I have done micro-sessions on: Goddesses of Moon Lake... Goddesses of the Sacred Stone...Goddesses of the Mirror Jewel... Goddesses of the Crane... Goddesses of Birds... Goddesses of the Deer... Goddesses of the Emerald Flame... Goddesses of the Sacred Hills... Goddesses of Iona... Goddesses of the Wave, and more...

Each of these Goddess Folds once existed on this dimension on Earth and now reside in some form in the "New Earth" vibration.

In most cases the individual I read for had an incarnation among these priestesses or were in their tribe or community (and thus interacted with them).

Read about and/or order my Goddess Fold Micro-Session

I also have a new MA-Star image you can save to your computer (same page as above link). The MA-Star is constantly moving and changing, therefore each of my energy-art renderings of it is simply a "snapshot" of its radiance, a freeze frame if you will.

Quantum Starlight Streaming Re-calibration (QSSR) Update

In my own personal work with the Quantum Starlight Streaming Re-calibration I am now beginning to see flashes under my closed eyelids when I call in the re- calibration. This does not happen every time but quite often. The more often I call upon it, the clearer and more precise it seems to be, creating in the moment a very distinct shift to clarity in my body and mind. Read the original article (subscriber login required) in my 44:44 Ascension Portal section of Spirit Mythos.

The Peace of I,
Maia Christianne Mallika