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Glo'Rii'A - New Earth Ark of the Mother

In the early morning hours of November 8th, 2009 - which was the beginning of the 6th Night or 12 Heaven in the Mayan Calendar - I awoke to see in my mind an incredible sight. It was a series of circular platforms rotating with a “Seat” on the top platform. Light was moving through it from below and above. The whole platform system was made of gold, with marvelous golden lotus buds beaming rays of light upward. The seat was crafted of golden lotus petals.

It was far grander than the one you will see in the art on this article's web page which I have created in the virtual world of Second Life. My virtual rendition of the New Earth Ark of the Mother has the basic structure and movement of the object I witnessed. In my waking dream I heard the incredible tone coming from it: MAAAAA. It was like the chorus of a thousand angelic voices all blending together in perfection.

This article comes complete with a couple of beautiful art images showing my depiction of the Glo'Rii'A - New Earth Ark of the Mother and also a short video animation with a special audio background created by a community member who is a musician especially for this purpose. The audio closely captures what I heard on the inner planes.

You can additionally download and listen to the whole audio file, which is much longer than the video.

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