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The Cosmic Queue

Have you been noticing how it seems there are an increasing number of people who are on the one hand achieving more expanded states of awareness, and on the other hand who are finding themselves in a sort of limbo wherein the old things are no longer working yet the new has not yet fully arrived?

I have been observing this dynamic for some time. What is happening is that we are, on a planetary level, assembling more and more beings and energy into a sort of Cosmic Queue. It will take a specific quotient of light energy within this queue combined with a certain receptivity factor in the collective consciousness to then send its contents forth into manifestation.

As beings on this planet are evolving their awareness they move further and further away from the realities that no longer really work on this planet. In the past we have experienced this in a more individualistic way. We would outgrow something, it stops working, then we just moved on to something else in our lives.

Now, however, as we are approaching the end of the Galactic Wave movement in the Mayan Calendar we are accelerating towards a more universal and thus unified modality and this dynamic too takes on more of an outwardly visible collective expression. The something else we need to move into will be more collectively imbued and will need to embody a higher degree of unity consciousness and service than ever before.

Many beings who are on a near-approach to the leading edge of unity consciousness are thus finding themselves all of sudden sort of out-distancing the collective consciousness far enough that they are winding up in what I am referring to as the Cosmic Queue. The new pathways for where their trajectories take them have not yet fully opened up, yet there is no going back, so we are in somewhat of a holding zone. This is not always a cozy place to be in, yet, tremendous potential exists here as well.

The potential is that as more and more souls join us in the Cosmic Queue the power that is available in the queue continues to grow. There are much larger universal dynamics determining just when the energy, light and power in the queue shall be released. I have had intuitive insights that the major release will be about the time we enter the 1st Heaven of the Universal Underworld of the Mayan Calendar in February 2011. I also sense that as we get into the early spring of 2010 there will some minor releases as things start to adjust in the collective consciousness. The collective consciousness of the planet has to be able to be ready to assimilate what will be released from the Cosmic Queue. Therefore, intuitions aside, only time will tell as to when this will occur as there are a great many factors involved.

While we are in the Cosmic Queue, we have a beautiful opportunity to find a greater sense of our unified nature, our oneness beyond all individual expressions, definitions and interpretations. This is where our New Earth seed community grows, right here and now. The cosmos is placing us together in the queue to build power in our unified numbers so that when we are released the surge into the collective is unmistakably and powerfully transformative in all the ways that are needed. We are thus being encouraged to nurture the freshly sprouting seeds of unity consciousness within the fabric of our beings.

This means we must go beyond our differences. There are many differing expressions of spirituality, healing, channeling, transformative science and higher consciousness that we have been working with in various capacities. Different sub groups to the whole transformative movement have formed around these various expressions. Beings from all of these sub groups are finding themselves in the Cosmic Queue.

The Universal Goddess is laughing... we represent the leading edge of consciousness transformation, yet how well do we get along with others outside of our favorite sub groups? How well do we relate to them? Well, here we are, all sitting in the Cosmic Queue doing time, might as well take advantage of that and get to know our neighbors!

Being in the Cosmic Queue also does not mean you are not doing anything either. Your life may be very busy, possibly even chaotic right now. The energy shifts taking place are vast and profound. Things may be opening up for you as well. You may not, however, be able to see exactly where you are going and/or exactly how you get there. If you do believe you see where you are going you are very fortunate indeed. Follow what you are guided to do implicitly but also stay open to quickly changing course if need be. It's a time to truly learn to LISTEN carefully to your inner voice, to LISTEN to where your body tells you that you find the greater energy and resonance, and that is where you must move regardless of what your head tells you. Our bodies are ALWAYS in the NOW, our minds rarely are.

There are also souls who are on the leading edge of this unity consciousness wave that are not being placed in the Cosmic Queue for various reasons. I have had glimpses of why this is, but it's a complex dynamic and truthfully I have not had time to go into it and do it justice yet. I simply wished to relate the general principle herein to broaden the scope of what I am sharing. So if you do not feel you fit into this Cosmic Queue scenario you do not have to feel like something is wrong or that maybe you are missing the boat or something. Its never like that, the universe is a vastly complex and flexible organism, everyone is exactly where they need to be, its all perfect, the higher intelligence of the universe does not make mistakes.

The secret to this passage is to continue to get more deeply in touch with your Source Essence, your Essential-Self of pure awareness, love and spirit. Release all other identities and this will be what remains. Its already there within you. Its simply a matter of removing whatever interferes with your ability to experience the truth of who you are continuously.

If you stay focused on your objective, that is what will gain energy within you and your reality. It is helpful to be aware of the things which interfere, but do not directly engage them or give them energy, rather step back and hold them lightly in your heart and peripheral awareness. By staying focused instead on your true nature you will grow steadily stronger in it and everything else will be absorbed and transmuted in your greater power and love.

As a unified and synergic effort along these lines let us join hearts like never before and thereby more fully manifest unity consciousness on our beloved Earth. Now is the time to take this to a new level, here in the 12th Heaven of the Galactic Wave movement, its harmonically supported more than ever before.

Giving a Gift of Transformation

On that note I would also like to state that my new Essential-Self Empowerment and Free Flow Transformation sessions are also quite helpful to this whole process. I would truly love to offer these to anyone regardless of their ability to pay just for the sheer joy of doing them. Yet I also have to meet my own needs on the physical plane and fair exchange of energy is part of how the universe works. I do, however, love to allow myself to be a node through which the universe exchange can occur in a broader sense and wherein I can facilitate abundance adjustments as one means of helping to anchor a new paradigm of values around these dynamics.

I am therefore reaching out to people who have the proper means and asking you to consider sponsoring others who feel guided to do my sessions but who are experiencing financial limitations for whatever reason. In other words in this holiday season of giving, give a gift of transformation to someone in need of it. You can sponsor someone for a session, or a portion thereof, by ordering a session online and emailing me to let me know it is a sponsorship for someone else. You can also simply make a donation and let me know it is for a session sponsorship. I will let you know when your sponsorship is utilized and for whom. I will also place sponsor and sponsoree in touch with each other so you can both enjoy the new connection as well..

If you are one of those beings who would like to BE sponsored, please contact me and let me know which session you are being guided to do with me and how much you can pay if anything, and I will place you on list of people awaiting sponsorship. I will take these requests in the order that I receive them as sponsorship money becomes available.

by Simeon Chiron Nartoomid