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The 12th Heaven Integration

Wow, from what people are sharing with me from around the globe there is a lot of energy movement taking place in various ways for a great many people right now.

Given that we are in the 12th Heaven of the Galactic Wave Movement (underworld) in the Mayan Calendar which is a Yin energy cycle this might seem a bit unusual. This cycle in particular, however, is a major integration cycle of all that came previous to it on the 16.4 billion year span of the Mayan Calendar. The integration is primarily for the cycle of the most immediately previous heaven, but that will also involve every other cycle that is concurrently running and which began at some point in the "past."

The reason for this is that the Mayan calendar is not sequential in the unfoldment of its consciousness wave movement harmonics. It is instead multi-dimensional in that as each consciousness harmonic set or cycle begins it continues on until the end of the Mayan Calendar wherein they all end simultaneously. Therefore over time we have had an ever more complex set of harmonics emerging from this wave movement matrix that has been governing the evolution of our consciousness. With each new cycle we have one more additional set of harmonics being woven into what was and still is unfolding in terms of previous consciousness wave movements.

This being the case, each previous wave movement is still being further developed as we progress into each new cycle. When we move into integration cycles near the end of the Mayan Calendar we thus have a greater degree of complexity to integrate. The tremendous energy movement that is taking place for many right now is a product of this integration. The new awareness which we have gleaned from the previous cycle(s) must now become an "in the marrow of the bones" living reality to as high a degree as possible before we enter the next cycle in November 2010 (the 13th Heaven of the Galactic Wave Movement). That means a lot of changes may have to take place in our lives and change always generates lots of movement which can at times seem chaotic, nebulous and greatly dis-orienting. If you are finding this ride challenging right now, you are not alone!

I am being guided to offer a special 12th Heaven Integration session right now to help those who need it. This session will be specific to you and what is happening in your life right now with the focus being to help you integrate your awareness and higher frequency energy field thereby placing you in a more stable energy environment. This is a one-hour phone session (recorded in MP3) and I am offering it at a special rate of $88 until the 1st of the new year at which time it will be $111. If you are in the USA or Canada I will call you so there will not be any long distance charges either. I can also do these Skype-Skype, or I can call you overseas as well and give you benefit of my discounted rates.

If you wish to do one of these sessions with me simply go to my special payment link and make a payment of $88 and type in the comments box what it is for!


by Simeon Chiron Nartoomid


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