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Remote Geopathic and Transformation Experiences

I (Simeon) would like to share with this global community the work of a very gifted friend, Cathy Cole. She has recently done some remote personal transformation work for me. She also recently did some remote geopathic stress, entity and thought-form release on the house and property where I currently reside.

The power of both the personal and geopathic work was quite profound. I felt new energy channels opening within my being after both. Blocks were easily transmuted and the land and house here have a whole new vibration that is much more harmonic with my energy field thereby having the effect of increasing the available energy I have as a result of being in the field of energy of the house and land. Maia also reported feeling the shift on the land and has been able to sleep better as a result.

There is an ancient Ophira Gate High Sidhe portal here, one of only 12 on the planet, which was closed when we arrived. Maia and I began working with this portal to help it re-open backin 2005. We took quite a bit of a "hit" after that which we arestill digging out from. We therefore never were able to get back to finishing the work with the Ophira Gate portal. Cathy stepped in and completed that with me remotely and we have been seeing a new insurgence of faery energies here ever since. This was a major part of what we had come here to do so we are now being liberated to move into whatever comes next.

I have been quite impressed by Cathy's ability to tune in, see clearly, and then take all that she has within her field of awareness into the transformational and transmutational heart of the Cosmic Mother to be loved into non-existence and/or released to its next station of unfoldment. This is how I experienced it.

I cannot recommend Cathy's work highly enough, we are blessed to have her gifts amongst us!

Visit Cathy at Innate Insight


by Simeon Chiron Nartoomid