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New Year's Eve Blue Full Moon

This New Year's Eve we have an occurrence of a "Blue Moon" which is when two full moons occur in either the same calendar month, or more energetically correct, when they occur while the Sun is in the same sign of the zodiac. Either way, there is a powerful energetic present.

A Blue Moon occurs every 33 lunar cycles. Moonlight is merely sunlight reflecting off of the surface of the moon so that we might see it on Earth. The moon is often also seen to be representative of the personality ego in our astrological chart and that is of course but a reflection of our Spirit or sunlight.

Many meanings have been attributed to a Blue Moon through the millennia. Some folk tales say that when there is a full Blue Moon, the moon had a face and talked to those in its light. I sense that this folk lore is representative of the somewhat increased power of our Sun Spirit's reflection within our experience at the times of the Blue Moon. In other words, the veil between our Spirit and our conscious egoic mind is much thinner and thus our Spirit may speak to us more clearly and profoundly at these times. This dynamic is being further reinforced by a partial lunar eclipse on this Full Blue Moon which takes us more deeply into the inner esoteric dynamics of this celestial event.

Cayelin Castell of Celestial Timings Astrological Newsletter states about this full moon eclipse:

Contemplating the path of cooperation during this Full Moon eclipse in Cancer is worthwhile as healthy Cancer knows when we cooperate and support each other everyone’s needs can easily and safely be met and exceeded.

Given this Blue Moon is occurring on the cusp of our entry into a new annual solar cycle in the year 2010, it would seem to be a very apropo time to take advantage of this celestial offering and be quiet so we might better listen to what our Spirit might wish to communicate to us. Especially in regards to the cooperation theme Cayelin has outline above given we are rapidly moving towards greater realization of the unified field of unity consciousness.

Some New Year's Eve Full Blue Moon food for spiritual thought:

My friend Kala Kos is hosting a free teleconference call on New Year's Eve as follows:

See you all on the other side of our transition into 2010, and thank you to everyone who has supported me and Spirit Heart Sanctuary during the last year in the many various ways that you have. I love you all!

by Simeon Chiron Nartoomid