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New MP3 on Essential-Self/Soul Essence Empowerment

I have just recorded an MP3 on Essential-Self (Soul Essence) Empowerment. This is a mini-teaching in its own right, and is also an intro to the recently introduced session work I have been doing by the same name. You can either listen to the MP3 as a streaming file online, or download it to your computer, whichever works best for you!

I have also become aware that there are people who have been relating to the title of my new session work differently than I had intended. I had not originally seen this possibility!

The name of this "Essential-Self Empowerment" work is meant to convey that it is about empowering a person in further embodying their "Essential-Self" or Soul Essence. Some people have taken this term to mean that it is an essential "Self Empowerment" format if you see what I mean.

In other words they have perceived that I am inferring it is essential that you do the session to empower yourself. Its truly amazing how many ways we can creatively interpret words! In fact I have come to realize this same dynamic actually lies at the heart of many of the conflicts on the planet at a denser level of manifestation. Someone communicates something, then someone else interprets it differently than the original speaker intended, and so it goes...

I have also now eliminated the sliding fee scale for my sessions as that was an extended experiment that over time has not really panned out. I heartfully thank the few who made larger donations to try and make it a success. I take full responsibility, it is a reflection of what I need to be doing and is not a reflection of anyone else except that they are a part of me!

I have also simultaneously reduced my hourly session rate to $99 for all sessions currently listed online. There is a session offering I am getting ready to unveil that will have a higher rate for the first hour of actual phone time. However, it will still reflect this new hourly rate in terms of the overal time I spend on your behalf as that session will have some preliminary preparations that I will need to do ahead of time for you.

by Simeon Chiron Nartoomid