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Special Announcements

From Simeon:

Dearly Beloved Ones: this is a special heart to heart communication about the many changes which are sweeping through my (Simeon's) life and work currently. These are extremely powerful and accelerated times as we approach 2012 and beyond.

In January 2009 I announced that Maia and I were dissolving the marital aspect of our relationship, but that we would for the foreseeable future continue our work with Spirit Heart Sanctuary.

This has come to pass and many more shifts continue to occur as Spirit unfolds new fractals of conscious awareness within my life experience. One of these shifts has brought a new friendship, love, spiritual partnership, business partnership, and potential life partnership as an unfolding journey in my life.

The result is that I will be moving to Fort Collins, Colorado to further explore this new connection and partnership. This move will occur sometime in the next couple of months.

Maia also has a new trajectory and she will remain in Hawaii for the foreseeable future. There will be a transitional period wherein I will continue to facilitate business matters for Maia and Spirit Heart Sanctuary/Spirit Mythos in various ways. This will occur simultaneously as I develop other new avenues of expression in my spiritual work.

I feel many new and exciting things unfolding in my spiritual work that I truly look forward to sharing with you. Some of these new expressions will be my own unique offerings. Others will be co-creative offerings with my new partner Cathy Cole of Innate Insight. Both will carry a higher energy signature that represents a new octave of spiritual work assisting others and the planet through the birthing of a new universal consciousness within human form.

As I move through this huge transition in response to the powerful spiritual currents flowing through my life you will be in my heart and prayers. I will stay in touch periodically to keep you updated and to share valuable spiritual perspectives with you. I will be fully available for sessions and readings and I am excited about continuing to work with you!

If you would like to work with me to transform anything that might be holding you back in a free-flowing session format guided by Spirit please contact me for session options NOT listed on my web site. Its time for deep and powerful healing to take place and I am here to facilitate that process. I am very dedicated and inspired to assist you in living from your essence.

I hold you in the crystalline cavern of my heart and I SEE you... all of you, the whole and real you that simply uses the form you have in this life as a tool.

Remember always: its all right here, right now... be present, feel it fully, breathe deeply, be at peace...

From the depths of love,
Simeon Chiron Nartoomid

Aloha From Maia...

I look forward to continuing my work with Spirit Mythos, the 44:44 Ascension Portal and now the new Tele-Events I plan to do on a regular basis. Of course I shall also continue with sessions and energy-art as well.

After a period of moving and getting settled, I will be more visible in my own path through SHS and all its components. With my health improving and being on my own financially, I feel it is now time for me to step forward in my own power and acknowledge who I AM and how I choose to serve. I hope that you each will feel inspired to continue engaging me and my "talents."

As my new life unfolds so will my offerings and insights expand and encompass more diverse fields of perception, which I wish to share with those interested.

I intuit that here in the sacred Aina (land) of Kaua’i I act as one of the living anchors for the Phi Gate and invite all of you to join me in the ethers supporting this special energy dynamic on the planet. WE are our planet and it is US. Our Earth Mother truly shines here in the islands of Hawaii - once the MU Land of the First People.

Me Ke Aloha Pumehana
(with the warmth of my love)
Maia Alaula Kamala

Alaula: light of the early dawn / Kamala: born of the lotus