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Transcendence through Self-Forgiveness

Self-forgiveness is the very foundation of our higher-dimensional Temple of Love. We can think of self-forgiveness as learning to accept ourselves fully just as we are right here and now.

Self-forgiveness is the only forgiveness there is really. God-Spirit-Source never holds anything against us. Anything we may hold against others is really about what we hold against ourselves as well. Once we learn how to access who we really are at will -- our true essence -- we can then operate in an awareness that allows us to see the conditioning that leads to the need for forgiveness in the long run. If we can actualize this state of awareness often enough, then we can step increasingly out of the need for forgiveness altogether.

This is similar to when we truly transcend fear, then there is no longer a need for courage because we are naturally fearless. These virtues have been revealed to me to be intermediary steps of development which take us to the transcendent states inherent in our true nature.

***A key point to understand on this journey of self-forgiveness is that the perfection we seek is not to be found in being without limitations or flaws so much as it is in our ability to love ourselves regardless of the imperfections that remain within us. This is one of the seemingly great paradoxes on our journey to wholeness. We have to first accept ourselves, imperfections and all, before those imperfections can actually be transformed.

Acceptance in this case means that we do not judge or do a "make wrong" on some aspect of ourselves, another, or even reality itself. It means that we have enough awareness to clearly see and understand that everything has a Divine Purpose or it would not exist in the first place.

Entering into self-forgiveness means that we become authentic and real. It is a movement towards wholeness that takes us ever deeper into self-honesty and transparency. As long as we think something is wrong with us just as we are and we do not accept ourselves fully there will be aspects of our being that operate in various shades of shame, guilt, blame, fear, defensiveness, pessimism and negativity. The shadow grows strong in an environment of non-acceptance and judgement.

The wonder of self-forgiveness is that as we learn to engage it more fully it opens like a thousand-petaled lotus revealing its exquisite beauty. Each petal in the lotus is another aspect of awareness which completes our journey of self-acceptance. Pure acceptance, it is the first movement of love when it flows from a pure state of being as a noun and takes expression becoming a verb. Pure awareness, love and acceptance is our true and essential nature.

So why is it that this is so difficult to accomplish when it is actually who we are in the first place? The answer is that we have a lot of conditioning which runs like a computer virus operating under the radar screen on unconscious levels we are entirely unaware of much of the time. This conditioning is the substance of the shadow. The ego weaves our conditioning into a very complex labyrinth of illusions.

The ego loves complexity. The more complex something is the more easily the ego can camouflage itself within it. The ego also loves to feel like the master of complex systems, especially those which it has created itself. Often times we consciously engage these complex dynamics and systems the ego has created in a well-intentioned effort to grow spiritually. Yet for all the effort we may expend in these endeavors it is commonplace to feel as though little ground has been gained through time.

What is required is an expansion of awareness. When our awareness is trapped inside the conditioning that limits us then we cannot see enough of the bigger picture to simply cease operating from that limited place. Our perceptions follow our awareness, our thoughts and feelings follow our perceptions, and what we experience within ourselves is determined by our thoughts and feelings. Therefore if we wish to change our experience we need to shift our awareness. David R. Hawkins speaks of this principle in his book "Power versus Force."

Self-acceptance and self-forgiveness open up our awareness so our perceptions, thoughts, feelings and experience can shift. Self-forgiveness is a release of all judgement of yourself. It sets you free to live and love more fully. It allows you to be more fully present with what IS, right here and right NOW!

For self-forgiveness to be effective it has to be felt as real. Thinking in terms of self-forgiveness is helpful and a step in the right direction. Your objective, however, is to ultimately be able to feel this release of self-judgement deeply within your body and cells. To be able to viscerally sense this new level of energy and awareness entering your physical conscious being is quite powerful.

You can practice what I am calling Heart Breathing to greatly increase your ability to accept and love yourself on this level. This process is scientifically based and the physiological changes it elicits can be predictably and consistently measured in a controlled laboratory setting. When you optimize your physiology in this way you also expand awareness in the cortical area of your brain. This effect is scientifically referred to as "cortical facilitation" by researchers such as the Institute of HeartMath. It also harmonizes the electromagnetic power of your heart so it can be focused as a power within intention.

I therefore first suggest learning this simple process of Heart Breathing and becoming a master of it where it becomes second nature to you. It will produce amazing results if you really apply it in your life. It will increase your ability to be successful in self-forgiveness manyfold.

Download a PDF with more info on the Heart Breathing process.

Secondly, effective tools for clearing your conditioning and accessing your true nature at will are needed. If you do not have effective tools for this you can only go so far and then you are on a perpetual merry-go-round operated by the ego. Self-forgiveness will open the door to being able to embrace your conditioning so it may be transformed. If you judge the conditioning or shadow then it cannot be transformed because you are actually feeding it and making it stronger. Judgement is ego food. The ego LOVES to be judged and fed. As you learn to accept yourself more fully it opens the door a crack and light streams in, then you can enter self-forgiveness more fully. Then the door opens even wider and more light streams in, and so on until the door is wide open allowing the dazzling radiance you are in truth to shine through.

After many years of searching and/or attempting to develop my own tools for this purpose, the best, easiest and most effective tools I have found for clearing conditioning and accessing your true nature were developed by Tom Stone of Great Life Technologies. His book "The Power of How" is an excellent resource for learning these tools. Its not your usual spiritual book, it is not based on spiritual, religious or even scientific beliefs. It is based on pure results. His system does deliver results if you take the time to learn how to use the tools and then apply them. I am using and introducing some of these tools (and much more) in a slightly modified form in my Essential-Self Empowerment sessions and follow-up work.

Thirdly, to truly achieve a transcendent self-forgiveness you need to cultivate an attitude and language of self-love, caring and acceptance. Your subconscious mind hears every word you say and seeks to make it manifest in your life as if you have given it a command from on high. The subsconsious mind also hears everything as if it were stated in a positive context, it does not recognize words of negation. So if you were to have a habit of regularly saying or thinking "I will never be like that" your subconscious mind hears "I will be like that" and sets about to manifest that condition.

Therefore you must forgive yourself for making statements that have confused your subconscious mind in this manner and stop blaming it or anything and anyone else for your problems. It is all your own doing, yet this too must simply be accepted as part of life and learning, it is how we grow in awareness and love. When you catch yourself using thoughts or language that do not support you in loving and accepting yourself and growing in an easy and graceful way full of joy, simply be thankful for that awareness and you will get even more! Then forgive yourself for having engaged limiting thoughts and language and move on.

Lastly, I would suggest creating some affirmations that you can repeat in your mind, and also out loud when possible. Upon waking and before dropping off to sleep are some of the most powerful times for saying your affirmations and entering into a state of focused gratitude. At those times the theta gateway in the brain-mind complex is more open and our subconscious is thus even more easily re-programmed.

Below are a few affirmation suggestions to help you further your efforts towards self-forgiveness, self-love and self-acceptance. Work with Heart Breathing first, and then slowly and rhythmically breathe the affirmations in and out through your heart also using that process so you can actually feel their frequency resonating deep within your body. When you can feel the energy of your affirmations in this way you are then re-programming your DNA and cellular memory and transforming limiting energy patterns in the bio-energetic levels of your body.

Suggested Affirmations for Self-Forgiveness, Self-Love and Self-Acceptance

I forgive myself for anything and everything I ever perceived I have done wrong throughout all time and all incarnations on this or any other planet or world.

My happiness and health depend upon my ability to love and forgive myself, it is written in the laws of nature.

Whenever I feel anything negative within me I know it is an opportunity being presented to transform it into my true love nature and further my purpose on Earth.

My main purpose is to expand the beauty, textures, colors and radiance of love in God's heart.

Life always provides me opportunities to participate with my main purpose every moment of every day.

All my shortcomings and shadows are integral with my purpose, they are like ore taken from a deep mine which my soul extracts the precious gems of Divine consciousness from.

I AM a being of pure love, awareness and spirit.

My awareness is expanding moment by moment into greater expressions of self-forgiveness, love and acceptance.

I love and accept myself fully as I AM now, I am perfect in my imperfection.

I AM the love and good I see in others.

I love my body as my deva companion in this life.

I love my consciousness as a unique aspect of God-Spirit-Source.

I AM in all things, and all things are in me, separation is an illusion, oneness is real.

Everything and everyone are the pure energy of love manifesting within various levels of awareness.

My greatest responsibility and purpose is to be true to my essential nature in love to the highest degree possible each moment, everything else follows.

I hold you in my heart and I feel and know you are pure awareness, love and spirit. I reinforce this knowing in you... you are another me - In La'kech.

by Simeon Chiron Nartoomid


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