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New Living as Soul Awareness Sessions

I don't know about you, but my life has been going through some major shifts of late on every level imagineable!

As a result I have redone my session offerings. I am now offering only two sessions with a third to be added shortly. I know I have been going through quite a churn in this regard in the last year but this is reflective of the massive and rapid shifts I have been experiencing riding the big waves of the Zuvuya that have been breaking upon the shores of Earth of late!

As I become clearer within myself as to who I really am as an embodied human being integral with Divinity, and what my true gifts really are, I am then further empowered to shift everything I am doing into that new alignment. This brings greater love-light power into my work for the benefit of others as well.

The first totally new session I AM offering is called "Living as Soul Essence." This new session focus is really coming from the core of who I AM. Read more on this session...

The second "new" session is really a modification of a previous session meant to address any needs one may have that they wish my assistance with. It is now being called a "Free Flow Ascension " session.

Blessings of Radiance, Essence and Love,
Simeon Chiron Nartoomid