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Reflections on Oneness

In doing some online research to take a break from the intense moving activities I have been engaged with for several weeks, I came across a discussion about a year old at the Global Oneness web site. I felt inspired to contribute to the discussion and to share this with you and provide a link to the online discussion (below) so you can share your own insights and perspectives on the questions that were posed regarding Oneness as follows:

Is oneness an experience or a state?

Simeon: it's a state that can be experienced once we learn to cease doing that which interferes with our experience of what already naturally is.

How do you define oneness?

Simeon: it defines itself in a way that cannot be put into words once we can experience our inter-connectedness with all things and beings. Until then all attempts to define it are intellectual exercises. These have value, but they should not be mistaken for the deeper realization that is possible.

How do you reconcile oneness and diversity?

Simeon: the idea of reconciliation is rooted in a separative belief, yet I deeply understand what the seeming paradox is that this question explores. I have personally learned that to the degree we can be fully present in our differentiated selves while simultaneously operating from the expanded level of awareness our undifferentiated or "oneness" selves represents, we become the living reconciliation, i.e. the balance of all dimensional aspects of our being operating in total harmony simultaneously.

Is oneness something to be afraid of?

Simeon: if by oneness we mean our true nature that knows inherently and perpetually that it is interconnected with all things and beings, then certainly not. If by oneness we mean mistakenly losing our individuality and uniqueness in the worlds of diversity, then I would not suggest being afraid but rather exercising more discernment and learning to find balance.

We are here in the worlds of differentiation and diversity for a reason or we would not be here. It is in being fully present where we are focused as a multi-dimensional being within the context of our conscious minds RIGHT NOW that our true power can emerge.

There is much in this world in regards spiritual development that toggles between attempting to do away with the diversified self or ego in favor of some transcendent state, or conversely which locks into base patterns of materialism that get camouflaged as something spiritual.

These are all valid experiences that can bring one to a greater realization. Yet we can take a shorter and less circuitous route. To do so we need to simply be able to develop the ability to stay focused in an "overview" state of awareness wherein we accept our human limitations and work to transcend them through loving ourselves, and others as aspects of ourselves, so completely that we can then enjoy the ride our human vehicle is taking us on and be fully present with our Divine Spirit in the process.

Read the whole discussion and/or contribute your own insights, wisdom and awareness.

by Simeon Chiron Nartoomid