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recommended reading

The following are books which I [Rev. Simeon] have personally read and which I feel support the reader on their journey to deepen their connection to God-Self and expand cosmic awareness.

I chose these particular books below because in my opinion they do quite well with cutting through the chase to take you directly into the Absolute, the One, the Great Love, the Heart and Mind of God. They each accomplish this in different ways, so celebrate the diversity!

Also, I apologize for any generic ads that may appear below. cycles those through from time to time and there is nothing I can do about it. I am, however, in the process of looking into other means of making direct links to my recommended books available while still taking advantage of the affiliate program to help support this web site. Spirit Heart Sanctuary receives a small commission for each book purchased through these links.

I will be adding many more books here in time, keep checking back. Enjoy!