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a special story and request

Aloha, this is Maia Christianne Mallika. This web site is an extension of my life's work, and the source of my only means of financial support. I have had poor health all of my life since birth. In 2005 I had a major health crisis which I am still trying to recover from. I have for much of my life experienced much pain, suffering and difficulty at a physical level yet I have continued to do what I can to help others and to fulfil my soul's purpose here on Earth through bringing through the higher-dimensional awareness, information and energies that I am so attuned to. This is all I have done for my entire life.

I am somewhat of a "savant" in this regard because due to the severity of my health problems my mother cared for me until I was in my early forties. I did not work any regular jobs all of my life. Until my early forties I also did not drive a car, use a check book, go grocery shopping, clean house or do any of the other ordinary things most people learn how to do where it becomes a skill they do not even think about.

My entire life experience was focused on the spiritual work I was doing with the beings in the spiritual worlds and that is pretty much all I know how to do well. They used to come to me to help me and my mother saw them many times as well. These beings were my only real community of friends, I never had very many friends in this world. It has been a very lonely journey in many regards because most people when I was younger could sense I was very different and did not know how to interact with me, nor I with them.

My spiritual partner and friend Simeon who was also my husband for 13 years, has cared for me since shortly after my mother's death and he still cares for me now. Even before my health crisis he carried most of the weight of surviving daily life for both of us due to my frail nature and lack of skills in doing ordinary everyday things. His burden is much greater now due to many of my special needs and my inability to do many things for myself as I once did.

It is with this understanding that I ask those of you who come to this site and gain spiritual benefits from what we have offered here to please help support me and my mission on Earth by making a donation or using mine or Simeon's services, or purchasing items from our Spirit Store Online.

Spirit Heart Sanctuary is the non-profit church based ministry I co-founded with Simeon Nartoomid, which sponsors my Spirit Mythos website as well. All donations are tax-deductible if you are in the USA.

I have provided you with a convenient directory of all our offerings in one place below. Your donations or patronage of any of our offerings is greatly appreciated and truly help support me in continuing to do the only work I really know for the remainder of my days on Earth.

May the Light of Metatron flowing through the Office of Christ enter your heart and therein remain for all of eternity ~ Maia Christine Mallika

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