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a'aru mahalim ~ clearing
the genetic codes of middle eastern conflict

We recently received a beautiful email from one of our list members who is in Israel and which resonates with the principles of Metatronic reality we work with here at Spirit Heart Sanctuary. We have in the past received similar information from people in Palestine and other locations in the Middle East. There are many persons who have friends "on the other side of the fence" so to speak and whose hearts are aching because of the cultural and tribal divisions that exist in that region.

Additionally, we can speak from our own experience in having been to Jordan and Israel in late 1997. In Israel we were privileged to witness Arabs and Israeli peoples, Muslims Christians and Jews, all working and living together harmoniously. Some of them told us point blank that the conflicts did not exist in their hearts, but rather in the hearts of those in power or who sought power over others.

Now, having that experience in our past, and seeing the escalation of violence that is taking place, our hearts are bleeding the golden nectar of compassion for these people, on both sides, who are paying the price for the self-serving interests of a few who are filled with hatred and self-serving power agendas. Because of our previous experience in that region we also have a good context for what Thoth has just related to us concerning the conflicts all over the Middle East throughout history.

First, we would like to relate a portion of the beautiful message we received from our friend Ofra in Israel last week which initiated our going to Thoth for some insights. This message and plea for spiritual help is for the most part fairly unbiased but please understand that we are not "taking sides" by posting this message. We do so merely because it well-represents the fundamental spiritual awareness we ourselves have around these global issues and it comes from one who is also experiencing the conflict first hand.

To be this clear and unbiased when you are in the midst of such difficult energies takes an enormous degree of anchoring within the LOVE that one is in truth. Thus, this is also intended to be both an honoring of these Light-Love Workers doing this job for all of humanity and an example of what is possible for all of humanity.


From Israel July 13th, 2006:

The Hizballa terrorist organization has declared a WAR On Israel. Since yesterday, they have killed 8 soldiers and kidnaped two more and they have been bombarding the Israeli cities and villages with hundreds of bombs which have been falling upon civilians and villages in the North of Israel, injuring many innocent people and small children who are now enjoying their summer school Holiday.

Israel is not innocent either. Both sides - the ARABS and The Israelies have played their part in this long blooded conflict, yet as a light worker who lives here in the Holy Land, I can tell you that ISRAEL and most of the people of Israel are ready to embrace PEACE into their life. . .

It is clear that both sides are the victims and both sides have brought this situation upon themselves , but you my dear light workers should realize that this bloodshed where brothers are killing their own brothers - only reflects the whole of the HUMAN DRAMA being played to it's last accord. What is happening here now is only a reflection of what is going on deep inside the consciousness of humanity which needs to be addressed now and sometimes realization comes through great pain and sorrow at a time when we cannot stand it any more - thus we suddenly KNOW that we need CHANGE. We need to make a change and shift our reality into a HIGHER Reality to peace, love and harmony to ALL.
Beloveds, this is a difficult hour for all of us but I call each and everyone of you beloved Star Seeds, beloved Light Workers and my brothers and sisters of the Divine Order of The Throne and The Arc:

Please send your prayers and your healing Light and your Visions of a world Peace and a world of Harmony and joy to reflect and to shine upon the darkness of this drama and duality which is being played here in Israel and the middle east - for the whole world and the whole of Humanity is involved and it is up to us - the 144,000 Emissaries of Light Beings incarnated now upon the Earth - to create A GRAND SHIFT IN THE CONSCIOUSNESS of the world leaders and the people of BOTH sides - to put an END to War ! To put an end to bloodshed ! To face one another and see how similar we all are. To recognize our family ties and bloodline connections with one another, thus KNOWING we are ONE and all that happened in the past was nothing but a part of our own ILLUSION !!!!

There is NO separation between Israelies and Arabs, we are one ! There is no separation between Osama Bin Laden and YOU and me. . . he represents the dark side we each hold within us. . . the dark side that we must learn to embrace and to love as well, just as we accept the night as it comes after the daylight. . . all these are but aspects of our human angelic consciousness on the way to Ascension. . . this is a moment all the Masters and the Prophets have spoken about.

This is the GREAT SHIFT IN CONSCIOUSNESS and it is now upon us beloveds. So please embrace your own darkness now. . . wherever you are in the world, upon the Earth, embrace the Mother energy now. . . embrace the Feminine Energy who is returning to Earth now to bring Balance and nourishment to all her children. . . embrace all your identities and do not treat any of them as your enemy. . . for no one is really your enemy - but your own self created illusion. . . please embrace me into your heart now. Please know that I AM ISRAEL, know that I AM PALESTINE, please know that I AM the worst terrorist and the worst ENEMY. . . I AM ALL THAT IS in this great shift of drama.

Let the drama die. Let it be released forever into the daylight of your NEW BEGINNING LIFE.



Pray that we will recognize all these things. Send us your shining LIGHT and embrace us all with your Divine Love, so that we too can let go of our own veils of illusion and suffering and pain - and wake up to the call of our own I AM SELF to live the life we are so honored to live now upon Mother Earth.

Let the . . . [Light] Codes come forth within you and transform the the very fabric of Creation itself.

I thank you for taking the time to read my message


Peace to All,
OFRA from Israel


THOTH: this conflict and in-bred hatred among the ruling powers and certain fundamentalist factions of both these nations of people began long before these nations, cultures or religions existed. It comes from a primal struggle in another star system that was transposed here through what is refered to Biblically as the "Nephilim."

Factions of the Nephilim strove for power on this earth which eventually spread into their descendants who inter-bred with humans already on the planet at that time. This history is really not important, other than to understand that it has seeded genetic memory which compells the conflict forward through time.

The only way for the neurons in the brains of the suceeding gerenations to be cleared of this programming (instilled memory) is for souls of greater LIGHT VIBRATION than what is held within the DNA of the current generation carrying this genetic memory to incaranate into these genetic lines and thereby LIFT the vibratory frequency in the DNA to a level that will clear the old programmed circuitry, creating new neuronic channels in the brain.

Such Light strains which we call the CHILDREN OF THE DIVINE RAYS are now, and will continue, to be drawn into embodiment into these warring generations. Soon, they will virtually pour into these genetic strains and will then be able to genetically consume and transmute the energies which assume roles as usurpers of TRUTH among the People of God. This will not come easily. It will not come without more conflict and suffering. But it WILL be reconciled before the New Earth Star claims it's own.

After receiving this information from Thoth we had a lot of questions. We did small little mini-sessions with Thoth verbally to get some more info so as to not to over tax Maia's energy right now as she is also in a very delicate state with her health and we are thus working with a LOT of handicaps right now, and Maia's health needs and concerns must come first or she risks some potentially very serious consequences. We truly appreciate the support we have been receiving to help us and this Station of Light through these difficult times, it is greatly needed, as we are working strictly from trust and faith that as we commit to serving God and humanity each day in whatever capacity we are able to that our basic needs and Maia's medical expenses will be met.

I [Simeon] will thus relate this information to you in my own words as a compilation of previous knowledge gleaned from Thoth merged with the new information we gleaned from our current interactions with him.

The star system Thoth is speaking of in the message above is "Argo". The energies of the Nephilimic activities Thoth refers to that are causing the problems on earth right now were projected through the Sirian star system. We write about the significance of the Sirian system to the conflicts in the Middle East in a lot of detail in our article entitled "Mecca and Jerusalem ~ the Black Cube Kabba and the Cube of Stars" which appears in Issue 04 of 1997 Temple Doors.

In brief the three stars of the Sirian system have anchoring points roughly in Jerusalem, Mecca and an obscure town geographically located between these two cities named Al Wadjh. Through these three key axiotonal points on the earth's crystalline grid galactic level karma is being balanced through the experience of humanity. It's a long complicated story, but the key understanding we have received which is needed for this article is that the earth itself is integral to this process of balancing galactic karma and was made manifest by the Brother/sisterhoods of Light for this purpose.

Thoth also now relates to us that what he herein refers to as the "Children of the Divine Rays" are a specific grouping of souls that hail from the Blue Star Rigel in Orion. All ensouled beings are truly born of divine rayship, but Thoth uses this term to specifically refer to this specific grouping of beings. Additionally, Thoth also related to us that within this grouping of beings on earth there is also a sub-grouping of them working within a very specific Program of Light he refers to as the "Mahalim." He explained to us that this program has been with the earth for a long time, but that we have recently entered into a new octave of it wherein the old paradigm modalities used previously have been transformed into harmonics which resonate more fully with Numis'OM and the New Earth Star realities opening the door for quantum shifts to occur more easefully.

Additionally, for those of you who are familiar with our previous materials where the Solarian Light Races are spoken of, Thoth indicates that what he refers to as the "Children of the Divine Rays" are all Solarians as well. He also says that the reverse is not necessarily true: that all Solarians are not necessarily within the grouping of beings known to him as the "Children of the Divine Rays."

The essence of this is that right now we have these Children of the Divine Rays pouring into incarnation in human bodies all over the earth. They are for the most part the unsung heros of our planet right now. Some of these souls are appearing in the matrix which has been termed the "Indigo Children," many of whom have chosen situations that well support them in manifesting very high levels of consciousness and spiritual awareness. Others are incarnating into horribly dense situations to transform them through application of the love that they are to whatever degree they can given that they often do not receive much vibrational support from those around them like many of the souls termed the Indigo Children do. It is important that we recognize all the stations these beings hold and honor them all. It is not karma that draws these souls into the earth into difficult or easy situations, but LOVE, and this is true for all souls.

We also asked for some guidance on how we can best assist this process in the Middle East right now. I [Simeon] received direct communications from the Inner Light Network [ILN] that all such assistance was greatly needed now to help tip the scales towards reconciliation and peace. We thus believe that we will be bringing forth an unfolding program to this end for all on this list to participate in. For now, because of the critical status of the escalating conflict, we are providing the following simple process to get the energy moving now while we work to bring through the rest. There is a meditational mandala provided below that Maia has created just for this purpose and which is psionically in resonance with the Mahalim program being worked with by the Children of the Divine Rays.

We encourage everyone to share this process with as many people as possible because it is not just for this list, but for everyone. The easiest way to do this is to forward this email to people you know who would be interested. At the top of this email it has a link to where this article can be viewed online, you can link to that as well from your website if you have one.

the a'aru mahalim clearing process

A'aru Mahalim Mandala
a'aru mahalim clearing mandala

The above image is specifically given by Thoth to Maia who created the artwork for clearing the Nephilimic genetic codes in the human DNA of the Middle Eastern races of people. It works on many different levels, from current time physical-etheric-astral-causal through the time gates and inter-dimensional portals to Sirius and beyond to the originating matrix in the constellation of Argo.

Print a copy of this image for your use with this process. It would be best to click on the small image above to get the larger printer friendly version in PDF which also has the A'aru Mahalim Clearing process in it for your convenience.

With this particular process it is best that you wait to engage it until you can give it the proper time to complete and are thus stay present with it without distractions and without having to cut it short because of interruptions or lack of time etc.

Start by closing your eyes. Place all your attention upon your heart chakra. You may wish to place your finger there to help you focus. Now begin some slow and rhythmic breathing in and out through your heart chakra. Continue this process until you sense a shift towards a more peaceful and aware state in your being occurring.

Now open your eyes and start breathing the energies of the A'aru Mahalim sacred clearing mandala in and out through your heart. Do this for nine in-out breath cycles.

Now state the following intention while continuing your heart breathing and while remaining focused as best you can on the A'aru Mahalim mandala with your peripheral vision:

I AM centered in the LOVE and DIVINE GRACE of God-Spirit-Source. Through God-Spirit-Source and the Heavenly Host I request that the seal upon which conflict and war was inscribed upon the genetics of the peoples of the Middle East be opened and cleared through the divine energies of the A'aru Mahalim being projected forth by the LOVE that I AM.

Now, while focusing intently upon the A'aru Mahalim mandala, chant the following mantram as indicated and repeat over and again until your guidance indicates the chanting process is complete. Be aware of your breath while you chant and try to keep it focused in the heart as best you can.

[pronounced like: AH-ahroo mah-HA-leem]

[pronounced like: oor AHT EH-vay AH-ta]

Once your guidance indicates the chanting process is complete allow some time to simply "be present" in silence with the energy and awareness that will be present with you. Be open and receptive to anything you might receive, but do not expect or anticipate information. Complete the process with a prayer of gratitude for this genetic clearing having taken place at some level.

You may do this process as often as you like, although the quality, depth, sincerity and commitment of your engagement and experience is much more important than the number of times you do it.

Additionally, Thoth has informed us that the period of time from now until about the end of September 2006 is especially potent for using this process.