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Final Sharing and Info:
3/21 Solar Galactic Gateway
a 2010 Vernal Equinox

The energy for this tele-transmission has been building all week!

It is truly a momentous time we are living in which is calling each and every one of us to live our highest light and consciousness increasingly more each day.

Its a big job, and the energies of group events like this one wherein we do a cosmic network linkup help not only our own process but that of the collective consciousness of the Earth. We are all one!

In this upcoming event we will have additional assistance from all the unity consciousness beings within the Nardee Network as we enter the "Cosmic Egg of No-Time."

That which holds us and our planet back from more fully experiencing our full potential includes many key linear polarity identities and relationships which will be transmuted and brought into a greater state of balance thus opening a wider path for us to make our HoloShift through 2012 and beyond.

This tele-transmission offers you the following:

1) An attunement to the the upcoming Solar Galactic Gateway of the 2010 Vernal Equinox, which has a timing frequency of 8:46:12:2 (to be explained in the event).

2) A guided meditative experience of the Cosmic Egg of No-Time and the beings and energies of the Nardee Network.

3) A healing, clearing and transmutation of key polarity imbalances and identifications in your physical, energy and light bodies.

We are truly looking forward to sharing this experience with everyone who will be with us on the call this Sunday (or who may just listen to the MP3 recording).

You are Invited to Join Us for this Tele-Transmission!

Blessings of Love, Peace and Radiance,
Simeon Chiron Nartoomid and Cathy Cole